Conservatives out to dominate |

Conservatives out to dominate

Matt Zalaznick

What a bunch of babies conservatives are. They dominate the government, the country’s foreign and domestic policies, religious discourse and the Supreme Court. And still they whine and moan about the parts of America’s ideological universe they don’t control. In recent months, conservatives, and even some moderates, have complained about liberal supremacy in science and academia. That liberals dominate these fields shouldn’t shock anyone. Why would professors and researchers be drawn to a movement that stifles medical breakthroughs and clouds the origin of the species in fairy tales?Why would a scientist or intellectual buy into a philosophy that aims to narrow the American mind? For instance, The New York Times recently reported that a regional director of the federal U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Southwest instructed his staff to “limit their use of the latest scientific studies on the genetics of endangered plants and animals” the agency is charged with preserving. One such species is the Apache trout. A former biologist for the agency saw the decision as a way to make it easier to remove a fish like the Apache trout’s endangered status, and that could clear the way for construction that further harms a plant or animal, the Times reported.So who would want to work for an administration that back pedals on scientific advances and prevents its own scientists from using the latest data to do their jobs?South Korean scientists claim they can tailor stem cells for specific illnesses, raising the chances for treating incurable diseases, The Associated Press reported. But W., stirring up fears of human clones not made in God’s image, condemned the achievement. W. also has promised to veto any bill offering more federal support for this branch of science that most agree will someday help doctors keep patients alive. What happened to the “culture of life?” Well, it’s not a platitude W. stutters over in this life-or-death debate. Maybe terminally ill Americans can only get life-saving legislation when their vilified husbands have a big fight with their saintly parents (backed by monks in full regalia) on cable TV. Maybe doctors trying to make Americans healthy will get a little more support from the administration if they make politically expedient diagnoses via videotape, like that cutting-edge cardiologist Dr. Frist. Speaking of the good doctor, who can spot a curable brain injury when he sees one on TV, he’s not so sure about how HIV and AIDS are transmitted. By blood? By saliva? By gay marriage? By filibuster? Few doctors will subscribe to a political ideology that’s confused by one of the world’s great scourges; unless they’re running for president and a tough stance on AIDS doesn’t mobilize the base. Still, commentators whine about liberals “forcing” their progressive agenda on the vulnerable minds of the faithful. This is a bigger fallacy than a “culture of life” that kills civilians in pre-emptive war, vigorously support the death penalty, and feels no urgency to give more Americans health care. The only agenda liberals force on anyone is encouraging them to believe whatever they want to believe. What liberals resist in return in being forced to convert to Christianity. This open-mindedness is certainly why college faculties and science institutes, which rely on open-mindedness, tend to be more liberal than conservative. It’s also why you never hear liberals complaining about not having enough lefties in the military. You don’t want tree-huggers storming the Korean Peninsula or performance artists parachuting into Damascus. Does that mean liberals chicken out of the dirty work. No, but a conservative mindset is much better for waging war, even a sensible war, and better for protecting the body politic, while liberal academia makes sure America’s mind isn’t left behind in the Dark Ages.City Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 606, or Vail, Colorado

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