Conserving Hardscrabble Ranch helps protect forest against wildfire, insects |

Conserving Hardscrabble Ranch helps protect forest against wildfire, insects

EAGLE — The Forest Service is proposing work on approximately 1682 acres south of Eagle that it says will help forest health.

The work would be done in the Hardscrabble area south of Eagle, and an area adjacent to Fulford.

Potential projects would include clearcuts, pre-commercial thinning, and patch clearcuts,

The vegetation management would improve forest resilience to future disturbances such as wildfire and insect epidemics by increasing age vegetation diversity in the area, the Forest Service said.

Treating large stands of trees would also help reduce wildfire impacts. The project would provide timber and forest products to local markets.

Holy Cross District Ranger Aaron Mayville will make the final decision.

“The environmental assessment revealed that the proposed action would not have significant impact on the surrounding area,” Mayville said. “The proposed action will help increase the health and resiliency of the forest for the future while also providing wood products to surrounding communities.”

A draft of the plan was released in late October. If no objections are received during the objection period, a final Decision Notice will be issued. Work could begin as soon as next summer.

Forest Service documents are available for download on the White River National Forest website.

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