Construction accident causes power outage in Vail Village |

Construction accident causes power outage in Vail Village

Scott N. Miller

VAIL – It got a little tough to read at Verbatim Booksellers Friday afternoon.Verbatim, along with more than 40 other businesses around the old Vail Village Inn, lost their power Friday afternoon due to a backhoe accident. No injuries were reported.The backhoe was doing excavation work for the new Vail Plaza hotel when the operator accidentally hit some power lines. Digging up the lines did some serious internal damage to a nearby transformer, said Bob Gardner of Holy Cross Energy. Crews were working Friday afternoon to get power restored to the Village Inn Plaza area.Meanwhile, it was a return to the old ways at Verbatim. “We’ve been getting by with sunlight,” store employee Ryan Taylor said shortly after the store closed a few hours early Friday afternoon. “We’ve been doing manual credit card purchases. Most people have been pretty understanding, though.”Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 613, or, Colorado

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