Construction underway on private 6-hole golf course in Eagle County

Construction is underway on a new six-hole private golf course in Eagle County near the Two Bridges boat launch between Bond and McCoy.
Nate Peterson/Vail Daily

The owners of a property located in the Two Bridges area of Eagle County are building six private golf greens as part of a project that received a grading permit in May.

Eagle County community development director Bill Gibson described the golf course as a private amenity for personal use.

“It is not a full-sized golf course, and they have told us that it will not be open to the public,” Gibson said. “They are also building a residence and some agricultural buildings on the property.”

The ranch owners are new property owners in the area, which is located near the Bureau of Land Management’s Two Bridges boat launch.

The construction of the golf greens required a grading permit that was issued by Eagle County on May 1. The submitted Grading Permit application identifies the property as “Rocking F Ranch.”

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Gibson said the owners of the property are new owners, with the warranty deed recorded on Dec. 30, 2021.

The Rocking F Ranch is building a new golf course in Eagle County, which will be used privately by the ranch. The six-hole course is the first golf course to be built in Eagle County since Frost Creek opened in 2008.
Nate Peterson/Vail Daily

The new owners have until Oct. 30, 2023, to complete the project, according to the grading permit.

First course since Frost Creek

While it’s not a full course, and won’t be open to the public, the project marks the first golf course to be built in Eagle County since Frost Creek, formerly known as Adam’s Rib, opened near the town of Eagle in 2008.

Prior to that, the Summit Golf Course at Cordillera near Edwards was the last to open in Eagle County.

A look at a new golf green built as part of a private project near the Colorado River between Bond and McCoy in Eagle County.
Nate Peterson/Vail Daily

The Summit Golf Course at Cordillera opened on Aug. 8, 2001, in an event attended by championship golfer Jack Nicklaus and former U.S. President Gerald Ford.

“Golf’s most lovable bear, Jack Nicklaus, was on hand to cut the ribbon at the grand opening for his signature Cordillera Summit Course, a gala affair that included bagpipes, long speeches, and the presence of Vail’s No. 1 citizen, former president Gerald Ford,” the Vail Trail reported on Aug. 10, 2001.

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The Trail described Ford’s excitement with the development of the area.

“When I was up here just a few years ago, there was nothing but a little old mountain road,” Ford said from the first tee. “Now look what we have.”

The Colorado River, left, runs alongside a new golf course between Bond and McCoy in Eagle County near the Two Bridges boat launch.
Nate Peterson/Vail Daily

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