Convenient scapegoat |

Convenient scapegoat

Don Rogers

Lest Kobe Bryant’s prosecutors have begun to actually believe their own hyperbole, let us point out to them that the Vail Daily did NOT post the “entire transcript” from a secret hearing on its Web site, as they stated this week. Hello.A court employee last month e-mailed the “entire transcript” by mistake to seven news media organizations, but not the Vail Daily, which never has had it and would not have posted the “entire transcript” if we did.The judge edited the transcript and in fact released the resulting document to the public. The Daily did post that document on the Web. If the prosecutors truly do not understand the difference between a document released to the public and another one that was mistakenly sent to a select few media outlets, they have bigger problems than Kobe Bryant.The judge edited out information that would not be admissable in the trial. Little to none of the information left in the document that was released is new. This stuff has been widely reported since last fall. Last fall. If the prosecutors do not have compelling factual answers for the defense assertions that other men could account for the alleged victim’s physical injuries or for their theory about a sexual encounter after Kobe, well, they have no business bringing a case to court. It’s that simple.The judge’s ruling on the admissability of evidence about the young woman’s sexual activity in the 72-hour period before her rape exam deals with physical evidence and not what the rape shield law was designed to protect: a victim’s general sexual habits and history, which has nothing to do with a case.Note to the DA’s office: Pan us all you like. But at least try to get it right. Vail, Colorado

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