Conviction a good thing |

Conviction a good thing

Andrea Palm-Porter

Martha Stewart, celebrity and convicted felon. Even if she’s a lightweight by the standards of American CEOs gone bad, this is a good thing.

Martha was found guilty this month of all the charges the judge let stand against her. She deserves everything she is getting. If Martha Stewart weren’t Martha Stewart, there would be no question about her guilt. Seems there’s a high tide of high profile people, including celeb CEOs, accused of breaking the law. Some have seemed to get breaks simply because of their name. Well, those days are over, if they truly existed. That’s perhaps the most telling part of Martha’s fall from grace and toward a jail cell.

Stewart says she had an agreement with her stock broker to sell her 3,928 shares of ImClone stock if the price went below $60, but there was no true evidence to back up her story.

The broker did have a worksheet in Stewart’s portfolio with a “60” notation next to ImClone. But it was found that the “60” notation was in a different ink than any other markings on that worksheet.

Also, days after the ImClone sale, Martha’s friend Mariana Pasternak testified, Stewart told her about ImClone’s founder selling his stock – and “isn’t it nice to have brokers who tell you those things?”

Stewart also lied to the SEC, FBI and prosecutors that she didn’t recall being told about the founder of ImClone selling his stock.

Stewart’s still loyal fans are trying to petition for a pardon for her. Check out the Web site. Well, she is a celebrity, of course, and Eagle County knows a little something about diehard fans of celebs with feet of clay at best with our exposure to Kobe Bryant’s admitted and alleged foibles.

Well, her fans can try all they want; that won’t change the fact of her conviction.

Of course, time will tell whether Stewart truly does time, no doubt in Club Fed, where the rich and infamous have cushier accommodations even in prison.

Perhaps she’ll have lots of time to think of new recipes, design new bedding coordinates, and decorating prisons, if she’s unwilling to reflect on what misbehavior landed her there in the first place.

Dispensing with the decoration and focusing on her criminal hubris would be the best thing.

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