Conviction comes 12 years after rape |

Conviction comes 12 years after rape

Pete FowlerVail, CO Colorado
Javier Rojas Delgadillo

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Javier Rojas Delgadillo was convicted of rape and providing alcohol to minors 12 years after he was charged with the crimes and fled to Mexico.

After deliberating Friday night and most of Monday, the jury returned, finding him guilty of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was found not guilty of second-degree burglary.”We’re obviously quite disappointed,” defense attorney Ted Hess said via telephone. “He was the last male known to have seen (the victim) that night, and he put himself two steps into the house. That was difficult for him to overcome.”Delgadillo and four family members or friends listened to the verdict translated into Spanish by using electronic translation equipment. Two interpreters took turns translating throughout the trial. They listened to what was said in court and simultaneously whispered it in Spanish into a microphone, which was then fed into the headsets Delgadillo and others were wearing.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Fitch said Delgadillo raped a 15-year-old Glenwood Springs High School student at her house in 1995 after a night of drinking with another male friend and two girls. The testimony of the victim, the victim’s friend and testimony about the chronology of the night – including Delgadillo’s – turned out to be main components of the case against Delgadillo.”This case was about someone who couldn’t stand being rejected,” Fitch said in her closing argument Friday.

Hess maintained that Delgadillo was innocent due to the lack of any physical evidence. He said during trial that the only thing connecting Delgadillo to the crime was the testimony of a frightened, blindfolded, “somewhat drunk” 15-year-old girl saying she recognized Delgadillo’s voice, which Hess argued was not a credible source of information.Delgadillo was said to have been 21 at the time and had just graduated from Glenwood Springs High School. He fled to Mexico after being charged with the crimes and posting bond, and at one point used a fake Social Security number to work in the U.S. Detectives discovered his identity and arrested him after matching his fingerprints to outstanding warrants when he wound up at the hospital after a bad reaction or overdose from cocaine on April 7 last year. Delgadillo is set for sentencing on April 19.

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