Cop teaches gun class |

Cop teaches gun class

Katie Looby
Grand County Correspondent
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyA Kremmling police officer has started his own business teaching others how to defend themselves in a course on carrying a concealed weapon.

GRAND COUNTY, Colorado ” The firearms classes he offers are not through the Kremmling Police Department, but Bob Dillon’s experience as a police officer is beneficial to his students.

“I just believe in armed citizens,” he said. “I always have and always will.”

Dillon, 52, formed the corporation, 4BarD Enterprises Inc., last May, and already the number of people signing up for the Basic Concealed Carry course this year has doubled.

About 230 people already signed up to take the course this year, compared to the nearly 100 students who registered last year.

“It snowballed,” he said, adding that his children help him out a lot. “It’s becoming more than I can do on my own.”

“A reason for the sudden increase of numbers could be because people are concerned that the concealed weapon law could alter after the presidential election. Democrats have always favored gun control, Dillon said.

People travel to Kremmling from across Colorado to participate. He offers a reasonable price for the class, he said.

“This course teaches confidence,” he said. “(It’s) for somebody who wants to protect themselves.”

The Basic Concealed Carry course is eight hours and can be completed in one day. Dillon allows 20 students in each of his classes.

He informs participants about the Colorado statues related to concealed carry permits, weapon and safety information.

Dillon said the business uses the “best equipment” and allows participants to use his firearm if they don’t own their own. Only five people are allowed to possess a weapon and shoot at a time at Blue Valley Sportsmans Club Range, located on Colorado Highway 9, 11 miles south of Kremmling.

Each participant shoots 100 to 150 rounds at the range that day. Shooting improves after only 20 rounds, he said.

“Our main concern is that everyone’s safe,” Dillon said. “We want them to feel that they can win if they get into a confrontation.”

Carrying a concealed weapon is a right of Colorado residents. Crime is lower in states that allow gun permits, he said.

“It is a deterrent,” Dillon added. “The bad guys don’t know who has a gun out there.”

If students pass the course, they receive a certificate that allows them to apply for a concealed weapon permit.

After the course is completed, students can continue to learn in the advanced classes he offers. He also teaches defensive shotgun and assault rifle classes. Students in the self-defense class learn, “how to avoid getting in a situation, but if you do get in a situation, how to get out of it,” Dillon said.

A concealed weapon permit is “good for anyone,” he said.

About a quarter of his classes are attended by women. People from all occupations sign up, including doctors, lawyers, judges, construction workers and students, he said.

“I get a kick out of watching them,” he said. “It ends up being a real fun day.”

Dillon has been a police officer for nearly 20 years. He is the chief executive officer and main instructor at 4BarD Enterprises Inc. He is chairman of the local chapter of Friends of the National Rifle Association Foundation. He is certified as a police firearms instructor in handgun and shotgun; certified by the FBI in shotgun and pistol; and is certified by NRA in police handgun, police shot gun, police patrol rifle, as well as a certified pistol and personal protection instructor.

He is married to Caiyun Ma. His children, Donald, Charles and Rebecca, help him run the course. His oldest son, Randy Quarles, an Army Sergeant in Iraq, and his son William Dillon, who resides in Wyoming are not actively involved in courses but are a part of the corporation, Bob Dillon said.

“Firearms has been a big part of my life,” he added. “I’m enjoying doing it. I enjoy meeting the people.”

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High interest

About 230 people already signed up to take Dillon’s Basic Concealed Carry course this year, compared to the nearly 100 students who registered last year.

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