Copper Mountain brings marketing efforts to Breckenridge |

Copper Mountain brings marketing efforts to Breckenridge

Bob Berwyn
Breckenridge, CO Colorado

BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado” If you want apples in Breckenridge,Colorado, shake an apple tree.

That’s probably what the Copper Mountain marketing department was thinking when they sent a “ski patrol” to the Breckenridge City Market Sunday to hand out coupons and invite shoppers to visit their ski area.

“It was just amazing,” said Breckenridge resident Jeff Meyers. “There was music blaring in the parking lot and there were a bunch of kids dressed up in jump suits handing out discounts for Copper. It was the first time I’ve seen Copper come over into Breck’s backyard. Who ever thought of that marketing-wise, it’s pretty interesting.”

The marketing foray into Breckenridge is part of a season-long national campaign by the resort based on a National Snow Day theme, said Copper spokesperson Lauren Pelletreau.

The “ski patrol” crew, wearing flashy red-and-white outfits and old-school, red-framed aviator-style shades, hands out two-tickets coupons for $109 and generally tries to get people to smile and chuckle, Pelletreau said.

“We’ve been all around the country. Copper has never shied away from looking at non-traditional ways to reach out to people,” Pelletreau said.

Far from being a raid on Breckenridge, Pelletreau said the idea was to welcome people to Summit County and encourage them to visit all the resorts while they’re here. The deal intended to entice people is a $17 gift card that’s valid at Copper businesses and some other locations in the county, she said.

Sunday’s venture was the first into Breckenridge, but the same campaign has targeted visitors in Frisco and Silverthorne, as well as the Front Range, Pelletreau said.

The lighthearted marketing push has its own web site,, where visitors can sign a petition asking Congress to designate a National Snow Day.

Breckenridge officials didn’t seem to worried by the neighboring resort’s foray into town.

“We didn’t notice it until you brought it to our attention,” said resort spokesperson Kristen Petitt.

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