Cops crash Avon party; arsonists busy |

Cops crash Avon party; arsonists busy

Christine Ina Casillas

Across the river and through the woods, residents of the Avon’s Canyon Run Apartments called police complaining about loud music and people screaming at the apartments across the street.

One night earlier this month, residents of the Hurd Lane complex called for cops to break up a party at the Eaglebend Apartments. But they didn’t know that police would bust up the party, find some suspicious substances and arrest two people because of it.

A 25-year-old man was arrested for investigation of obstructing a police officer, disorderly conduct, possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cocaine, police said.

A 26-year-old roommate was arrested for investigation of possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine, police said.

When Avon police arrived at the apartment, officers said they heard the music banging loudly in the background. It was the second time the police showed up at the house that night, Avon police reports showed.

“It was time for the party to break up,” read the police report.

A resident of the apartment answered the door, but refused to let the officer inside, blocking him at the door and pushing him away. The officer spied a room full of up to 50.

The man who attempted to block the door disappeared into the crowd, but police officers found him, reports said, and asked him for identification. They followed the man to his room, but were again stopped at the door, which the man attempted to slam.

Police put their foot against the door and allegedly spotted the man shifting things around on his dressing table top and noticed him grabbing two plastic Ziploc bags.

The officer also noticed a pipe on the dresser, and he allegedly found “green leafy” residue inside the bags.

Police sniffed around the apartment and allegedly found pipes under the sink and in another room. They also allegedly found a jar with marijuana residue in a nightstand drawer as well as a scale with “a white powdery substance” wrapped in plastic. A pack of Zig Zag rolling papers, two tools allegedly used for snorting – a tightly rolled dollar bill and a short straw – were displayed on top of the dresser, police said.

Arson and air freshener

Avon police remained on the go with a few reports of arson, theft and larceny.

Officers responded to a call Dec. 11 about a log burning in a parking lot at Avon Center. When police wandered around the building, they noticed the Hairdudes, Inc. owner standing outside.

The owner of the hair salon told police she saw the log in the snow by the side of the building with a burn mark by the building, reports said. Renya said a woman pounded on her back door and told her about the fire.

The flame from the log was about three feet in length. Police could still see the embers in the log, but no suspects were found.

Police came to another dead end Monday when a man called and reported another case of arson in a bathroom where he worked.

When the 62-year-old man arrived at work that night, he discovered in the men’s restroom a stainless steel paper towel dispenser mounted on the wall that had been blackened and charred. He cleaned up the mess before calling the police, records showed.

Later, the man led police outside to the Dumpster to uncover a can of aerosol-spray air freshener and disinfectant. But the air freshener, the man told police, was something not normally found in his building’s restrooms.

Tuesday, Avon police met with a man who called because his jeep was stolen. The man was at West Star Bank when he saw someone drive out of the parking lot in his black 1995 Jeep Cherokee.

Montez gave chase to the driver, but the Jeep was going too fast for Montez to catch him. Montez couldn’t recognize the man because his windows were covered with snow and foggy because of the cold.

When animals attack

A 49-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a German sheppard Dec. 12 above Vail Run.

The dog apparently bit the man’s left arm, leaving puncture marks but he was OK. According to police records, the owner of the dog was “nice,” but he wanted to report the incident anyway.

On Dec. 10, Vail Security called the police department because of a “sensitive graffiti message.” In the bathroom stall at One Vail Place. An unknown suspect had scrawled in black marker “Want world peace? Nuke Israel!” across the walls.

According to reports and the reporting party, it was the second time the message was written since Dec. 3.

Also in Vail, one of the town’s famous manhole covers was stolen Dec. 9 near the Covered Bridge in Vail Village. A car was stolen that same day.

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