Cops inflitrate seniors’ kegger |

Cops inflitrate seniors’ kegger

Allen Best

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – On the eve of senior skip day, some 76 people gathered in a canyon in Jackson Hole for a kegger. Based on a tip from a parent, so did night-vision-goggled officers from the Jackson Police Department and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that the cops administered Breathalyzer tests to the students, and some 51 minors allegedly tested positive. A number of them – those under 18 or who had readings of .08 or greater – were taken to jail.Deputies can idle cars while on breakPARK CITY, Utah – It’s a no-no in Park City for police officers to leave their cars idling while taking breaks. Not so in unincorporated Summit County, even if gas is more than $3 per gallon.”When your husband’s kicking the crap out of you and you’re dialing 911 while he’s ripping the phone out of the wall, which happens pretty much on a weekly basis in Summit County … those are the people that don’t care that our vehicles idle,” said Dave Booth, the chief sheriff’s deputy.”People want cops there now, they want them there three minutes ago,” he went on to tell The Park Record.High-tech gear further explains the policy. Police use lap-top computers to provide directions in the fast-growing valley. Leaving the computers on while shutting down the motor draws down car batteries. Booting up the computers takes 5 to 10 minutes.Gunnison Valley sees threats east and westCRESTED BUTTE – Water continues to be in the news in the Gunnison Valley, where Crested Butte is located. As they have for now decades, the locals continue to worry about interlopers from both the east and the west.To the east is Colorado’s Front Range, where both farms and cities began outstripping the native water supplies 125 years ago. Whether any water in the Gunnison Valley is legally available to feed the large and growing population of the Front Range remains disputed.Meanwhile, to the west, the locals see threats from the downvalley states, particularly Arizona. Scott Balcomb, who represents Colorado in inter-state negotiations, recently told a gathering of Western Slope representatives that what happens downstream in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix could ultimately affect water supplies in the ski and other mountain towns of Colorado.Vail, Colorado

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