Cops: Man shot by Denver PD held lighter |

Cops: Man shot by Denver PD held lighter

DENVER, Colorado ” Authorities said a man threatened a police officer, reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver cigarette lighter before being shot dead.

Jason T. Gomez, 33, of Denver died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Denver medical examiner. The shooting happened at about 2 a.m. Wednesday near West Ada Place and South Hazel Court.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the officer’s account of the shooting was corroborated by at least one witness. Jackson said Gomez was wanted on a felony arrest warrant.

Gomez had three felony convictions which resulted in prison sentence and he had been on parole since Feb. 13, said Katherine Sanguinetti, a corrections spokeswoman.

His most recent prison sentence was for assault, burglary, vandalism and an escape, Sanguinetti said.

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