Cops reports: Honeymoon gets off to rocky start |

Cops reports: Honeymoon gets off to rocky start

EAGLE COUNTY — A strapping lad in his early 20s had just graduated college, a fine Southern engineering university. He got married Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, but was very upset when a judge told him Tuesday she’d be issuing a restraining order against him, which makes it illegal for him to go anywhere near his adorable new bride.

“But we just got married Friday,” the man told the judge.

Unfortunately the man had spent a significant part of his honeymoon weekend in the Eagle County jail after being arrested Sunday on domestic violence charges. The man has no criminal history and his wife told the judge she’d very much like him to come home, so the judge kicked him loose. If he screws up again, it’ll cost him $1,000 to get out.

In the meantime, the wife got the restraining order modified so her husband could come home.

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Don’t blow by that yellow sign

Dmitry Korolev was cited for a high-speed collision with a Vail Resorts ski instructor.

Andrew Gould and his class were making their way down the Lionshead side of Vail Mountain when Korolev collided with him.

Korolev described it like this: He says he was skiing straight down the mountain when he collided with someone skiing back and forth in front of him. He told Sheriff’s deputies that he was not skiing out of control, that it was just an accident. He also told them he was skiing about 40 kilometers per hour.

Gould estimated that Korolev was skiing more like 40 to 50 miles per hour. Also, people in Gould’s class heard screaming above them, which turned out to be people screaming at Korolev to slow down because he’d just blown by them, too.

To his credit, after he collided with Gould, Korolev stuck around until Vail Ski Patrol arrived.

Korolev was cited for violating Colorado’s Skier Safety Act. He was barred from skiing for the rest of his vacation.


Forklift brothers

Justin Bolton and a couple of his buddies decided to take a joy ride. But alas, in a community packed with luxury vehicles with initials for names, their vehicle of choice was a forklift.

When Vail police were dispatched to Timber Ridge on a noise complaint, the guys quieted down, at least for a while. They took their show on the road because the Vail police were summoned again, this time because a forklift was being driven along Vail’s South Frontage Road.

The police arrived in time to find that the forklift had been abandoned, mostly because it had been crashed into a light pole near the Sebastian. They admitted they stole the forklift from the Vail Resorts lot and drove toward the Sebastian.

Bolton was already on probation for various infractions and will spend some time in the Eagle County jail.

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