Cops: Robbery faked to dodge rent |

Cops: Robbery faked to dodge rent

J.K. Perry
Special to the DailyMichael Cross

VAIL ” A Vail man allegedly faked his own mugging at gunpoint Oct. 30 to avoid paying rent to his roommates.

Michael Cross, 24, originally told police a thief stole his wallet, credit cards and $300 late Oct. 30 along Bellflower Drive as he walked home from a bus stop. But within 24 hours, Vail police began to suspect Cross might be lying, said Detective Sgt. Craig Bettis.

The night after the supposed robbery, Cross injured his head after falling off a wall at the Vail Transportation Center. An officer went to check on Cross and realized from his driver’s license that he was the victim of the robbery the night before. The officer wondered why Cross had the license since he had reported it stolen.

Cross said the license was a duplicate, police said.

Police also discovered other suspicious facts. Cross told police the supposed thief stole $300, which Cross withdrew the same day from an ATM, but he gave police conflicting information ” he first told detectives he withdrew the money at the Transportation Center, then from a bank, police said.

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Cross refused to hand over banking records, so police obtained a search warrant and found Cross never made a withdrawal of $300 on Oct. 30, police said.

Cross admitted he concocted the story to avoid paying his roommates rent, police said. He actually needed the money to pay for a vacation, police said.

Police arrested Cross on Wednesday on charges of false reporting.

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