Copy of the Bryant transcript |

Copy of the Bryant transcript

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The following is the 57-page transcript received in the mail Wednesday to Vail Daily Assistant Managing Editor Randy, who has covered the Kobe Bryant rape case throughout its course. The transcript came with a CD of the tape recording when Eagle County sheriffs detectives Doug Winters and Dan Loya questioned him the night after the incident.Wyrick recognized the voices of the detectives and Kobe Bryant, but there was no way to tell if the recording and transcript had been altered in any way.The court has withheld the recording from the public under seal, which attorneys for numerous media organizations including the Vail Daily have been seeking to have released since the criminal case is over. They have argued that with Bryants rights to a fair trial now having passed with the dismissal of the case, the public has a right to view the documents to better evaluate the work of its government representatives. The following has been lightly edited for language and the most graphic details of the events as Bryant described them:Kobe Bryant interview version 8/6/04Detective Winters: Um, involving yourself and another party so …Bryant: What is it?Detective Winters: Um well I dont really want to talk about it, here can we go back to our room and could we talk about it there?Bryant: Yeah come on.Detective Winters: Okay, all right.Detective Loya: Whos this gentleman here?Bryant: Thats one of my security guards.Detective Loya: Okay. Do you mind if he stays with these officers here while we talk to you.Bryant: Yeah sure.Detective Loya: Okay. Hey Bri will you make, my cars locked. Will you check my car? Lets go to your room and then well, lets go to your room and then well talk about it there.Bryant: Well …Soft unclear voices(Unknown female voice): Want me to FI him?Bryant: Inaudible.Detective Winters: Okay. We have uh, well OK, look, let me uh, let me explain something okay. We have a … we received a call earlier today with an allegation (unclear).Unknown female voice: Okay.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: … Do you want me to hold those for you or are you all right?Detective Winters: We received a call and took a report of a possible sexual assault allegation so we just want to talk to you about it and find out, yeah, find out your side of the the story and find out whats going on.Bryant: Whats gonna happen?Detective Winters: Whats gonna happen?Bryant: Yeah.Detective Winters: Well right now nothings happening at this time. We just want to find out, get your side of the story and figure out whats going on, okay? We wanna, we wanna get out, what our policy is, is um, we get every side of every story. Okay. Um …Detective Loya: So thats why we want to talk to you and get your side of the story.Detective Winters: Yeah, get your side of the story and figure out whats going on.Detective Loya: But we dont want to do it in front of everybody, okay, that we wanted to go back to … Det. Winters: We dont to make a scene for you, cause we understand the situation.Bryant: All right, cause its personal. I dont understand whats going on. What side of the story will you follow, what exactly?Detective Loya: do you want to talk about it in front of everybody or do you wanna go into a room … ?Detective Winters: This is, this is your …Bryant: This is my career.Det. Loya: So wheres your room at?Bryant: Its all the way on the other side man, I cant walk there.Det. Loya: If we take it slow, can we …?Bryant: Thats a long walk.Detective Winters: Well just take it real slow.Det. Loya: Did you have …Detective Winters: Whatever you want to do.Det. Loya: Did you have knee surgery today or …?Bryant: Yes I did just today. (Inaudible) come on please.Det. Loya: What they do, what they do?Bryant: Um, cartilage.Det. Loya: Cartilage?Bryant: My bodyguards I got to, I got to tell them whats going on, my biggest fear is my career and …Det. Winters: I understand.Bryant: … my image, so. Det. Winters: … very, very much so and were trying to respect that as much as we can all right.Det, Loya: And this is how we work Kobe, were not, were not here to destroy your career or your image but we do have a serious matter at hand that wed like to resolve and its all gonna depend on your cooperation and how you want to resolve it.Bryant: Well. Do I have to?Det. Winters: Well, thats up to you, I mean wed like to find our your side of the story, well get into the details of it, well explain whats going on. Um, but thats all we want to do Kobe. (Unclear talking over).Det. Loya: and thats one of the reasons, and thats one of the reasons, this is one of the reasons were up here at this time of night.Bryant: Ask me what, ask me something, ask me anything.Detective Loya: Were you with a female party last night?Bryant: Um, I was with a lady who showed me around yes.Detective Loya: Okay.Detective Winters: Okay.Bryant: I think her name was … . Something like that.Det. Loya: Okay.Detective Winters: Thats what wed like to talk about okay.Bryant: Her?Detective Loya: Yeah.Detective Winters: Can you tell us what happened?Bryant: Did she say I did something to her?Detective Winters: … tell us what happened with her?Bryant: Um, she showed me around the pool, showing me around, um, we went to my room, she showed me the back view where the bears come up to the window, and thats about … it, we shot the … and that was it.Detective Winters: Did you guys go back to your room?Bryant: Yeah, cause she showed me where the, where the bears come up to the window, Im like bears … walk up to this …Detective Winters: Okay.Bryant: … and she showed me the bathroom.Detective Winters: Okay.Detective Loya: Did you guys have any kinda, when you guys were in your room what did you guys talk about? Who else was in your room. Was it just … ?Bryant: My knee, … man, it was just us.Detective Loya: Just you and her?Bryant: Yeah.Detective Loya: What did you guys talk about?Bryant: Just shot the shit, she asked me what I was here for, I told her my knee. She wanted to be a singer. Um, she had like, um her tattoo, with like music and instruments on it. …Detective Loya: Where at? Detective Winters: Did you ask her, did you ask her to come back to your room last night when she checked you guys in?Bryant: Come back to my room, yeah.Detective Winters: To come back to your room to tour, to take you on a tour?Bryant: To show me around, yeah.Detective Winters: All right did you uh, um, and she did that?Bryant: Yeah.Detective Winters: Um, she came back to your room and then uh, after the tour was over um, you guys went back to your room?Bryant: Um, yeah, thats when she showed me the tattoo.Detective Winters: Where did her …?Detective Loya: OK. Where was her tattoo on her?Bryant: Um, she had one on her ankle and she said she had one on her back and said it had notes.Detective Winters: Okay.Detective Loya: Okay. Did you see the one on her back?Bryant: Um, yes she showed me.Detective Loya: How did she show you?Bryant: She had like a strap or whatever and she like lowered it. I told her to turn around and she lowered it and she showed me.Detective Winters: Okay, all right um, did anything happen in the room?Bryant: Like what?Detective Loya: Uh, did you guys hug or kiss?Detective Winters: Kiss or hug?Bryant: No.Detective Winters: Okay. Um. Ill be blunt and ask you. Did you have sexual intercourse with her?Bryant: No.Detective Winters: Okay. Uh, what, okay, Kobe heres, heres what Id like to do okay. Um, yet there is an allegation that it was an unconsensual intercourse that occurred last night, okay. All right. Hang on, okay, hang on, I understand you have every right to be upset, okay, but you know, Im giving you an opportunity to tell the truth if something did happen, because Im gonna tell you now, um, were gonna find out.Bryant: So, what, what …?Detective Winters: She, she submitted to, she submitted to an exam. Okay.Bryant: OK, so now what happens. Okay listen …Detective Winters: Well, what we want …Detective Loya: Let us, let him explain everything first ..Detective Winters: Let me explain to you, okay.Detective Loya: … and then well answer your questions Mr. Bryant.Bryant: Okay.Detective Winters: Okay, well, what Id like …Bryant: Is there any way I can settle this whatever it is, I mean … ?Detective Winters: Well, what do you mean by settle?Bryant: If my wife, if my wife found out that anybody made any type of allegations against me she would be infuriated.Detective Loya: Kobe …Bryant: Thats all I care about.Detective Winters: And I understand. …Bryant: What she says I dont care about. …Detective Loya: Kobe …Detective Winters: Mr. Bryant, and I understand your concerns and frustrations okay, I cant understand your position right now, but I do understand your concerns and frustrations (inaudible). But what I need you to do, what I need to talk to you about …Kobe: Were all right, were all right.Detective Winters: … what I need to talk to you about um, is this allegation, I need to find out if this actually happened. You know, for all that happened I mean it could have been a complete come-on. I mean she could have been leading things on or whatever. Bryant: Okay, so whatever, all right but um … what if this scenario (inaudible) Voices talking over each other.Detective Loya: Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, hey Kobe, come down here a sec.Detective Winters: Well, I need you to explain something.Bryant: (Inaudible) tell me something.Detective Loya: Listen, listen, listen. Let me explain something to you. This is what happened okay. And this is whats going to happen. Were gonna get to the bottom of it one way or another whether its true or not.Bryant: Okay, okay.Detective Loya: She consented to an exam.Bryant: Okay.Detective Loya: Okay. We received blood, pubic hair …Bryant: Okay.Detective Loya: Semen.Bryant: Okay, okay.Detective Loya: All that.Detective Winters: Weve got physical evidence.Bryant: Okay.Detective Loya: Let me finish, okay. Let me finish. Let me finish okay. So, be straight up with me Kobe.Detective Winters: We just want you to be straight up.Bryant: (Inaudible), now, but listen, but listen.Detective Loya: Listen to me first okay. Let me, let me explain it to you first okay. So is there any reason why any of your pubic hair …?Bryant: Well, Im gonna tell you um, fellas …Detective Loya: Just be straight up, were not gonna tell your wife or anything like that. Did you have sexual intercourse with her?Bryant: Uh, this is what I need to know because uh I did have sexual intercourse with her. Cause I was (inaudible whisper).Detective Winters: And I understand.Detective Loya: Okay, was it consensual?Bryant: It was totally consensual.Detective Loya: What makes you believe, what makes you believe it was consensual?Bryant: Cause she started kissing me, (inaudible) then she bent over and (inaudible).Detective Loya: Did she tell you, did she …?Detective Winters: All right. Okay, hang on, hang on. Okay. So what you are saying is … tell me, tell me …Bryant: And on top of that, and on top of that, and on top of that she said I shouldnt be messing around (inaudible), no sooner (inaudible).Detective Winters: All right. Tell me, tell me how, tell me, tell me what happened, tell me how it all came about.Detective Loya: From the get-go.Bryant: Um, we walked around, went to the room, started talking, she showed me the bedroom by the back (inaudible). I said actually Id like to go swimming in the pool, I said I aint going by myself out there, youre … crazy (laughter with the officers) crazy I aint going. …Detective Winters: (Laughter) Sure.Bryant: She said well I have the key, I have to open it up if you want or whatever, I asked if she had any tattoos and she said yeah I have one on my back. And I said um, well can I see it, shes like well I might have to show my … if I show it to you but shes like well maybe Ill do that anyway and Im like okay (inaudible) you know what I mean, and she gets up to leave or whatever and um, I said do me a favor um, I might want to go swimming and um, I might have my guys go swimming cause theyre under restrictive order. (Inaudible) come back (inaudible) or whatever and uh shes like all right cool, cool, cool. We were still only this close and she gets up and she gives me a kiss so I kiss her back and then you know I started caressing her or whatever and then she puts her hand on my you know my thing or whatever and it kinda goes from there.Detective Winters: What do you mean it goes from there?Bryant: It went from there, like, for example there was no …Detective Winters: Did you ask her, did you ask her, to give, um for her to give you a hug before she was here (inaudible) earlier?Bryant: To do what?Detective Winters: That you wanted a hug from her before, after she had got done giving you the tour. Or when, when did the hugging incident come up?Bryant: I dont know.Detective Winters: Yeah, did she ask you to give, did you ask her to give you a hug?Bryant: We stood there and you know I pretty much (inaudible) like I dont know, I might have hugged you all, like, when you came up to me, and Id be like a hug, you know what I mean.Detective Loya: Was just a friendly gesture?Bryant: Right. I mean it looked like this, like OK, all right … whatever … you know … she kissed me (inaudible).Detective Winters: And I, and I dont disagree that any of that happened, okay. I do not disagree with it that any of that happened, okay.Bryant: (Inaudible) Detective Winters: … okay, hear me out, okay. Um, its possible that at some point that she may have told you no, I dont want to do this, yeah you know, maybe she did lead you on a little bit and she kissed you and then she said, and then she said now, I dont want to do ths, I dont want this to happen. Okay.Bryant: (Inaudible) if she said that, I stopped, nope. No semen, no nothing.Detective Winters: Did you finish?Bryant: No.Detective Loya: Well theres always pre-ejaculation are you aware of that?Bryant: Are you kidding me?Detective Winters: Well …Detective Loya: Im not kidding you, its, they teach you that in seventh grade sex ed.Bryant: We stopped cold. (Inaudible).Detective Winters: How long did it go for?Bryant: (Inaudible) five minutes maybe.Detective Winters: Okay, all right. Now …Detective Loya: During that time did she ever say anything to you? Did she scream no stop I dont wanna do it?Detective Winters: What was she saying?Detective Loya: The best thing is to be straight up Kobe. That way we can resolve it.Bryant: Okay. Im thinking, Im thinking. (Pause) Im trying to think of the conversation we had (inaudible).Detective Winters: Well okay.Detective Loya: Did you ever have her from the back of her head or her neck? Were you … ? What kind of intercourse was it?Bryant: (inaudible) held her from the back? Yeah, yeah, yeah.Detective Loya: Yeah.(Lots of voices talking over.)Bryant: (Inaudible). All right um … (inaudible)Detective Loya: I dont want you to demonstrate.Bryant: I held her from the back and I went like this.Detective Loya: So what did you have around her neck?Bryant: I had my right hand like this and my other hand like that.Detective Winters: Okay.Detective Loya: Okay.Bryant: But … (inaudible).Detective Loya: How hard were you holding her?Detective Winters: OK, all right.Bryant: I dont know. My hands are strong. I dont know.Detective Winters: Where did this take place at? Where did this take place in the room?Bryant: Um, right in the front room. Right in the front room.Detective Winters: Where was she bent over at?Bryant: Theres um, a little um, chair, like a cushion where you sit down, and she had her leg up, she bent herself over like this.Detective Loya: Where were her hands, what were her hands holding up on?Bryant: On the um, I assume over the, over the back of the chair.Detective Loya: Okay. Did she, did you get any blood on you or anything like that?Bryant: She didnt bleed, did she?Detective Loya: Yeah, she had, she had a lot of bleeding.Bryant: Youve got to be kidding, from where?Detective Loya: From her vaginal area.Bryant: Did she cut herself or something, theres no blood on me whatsoever man, matter of fact, I still have the boxers (inaudible) boxers, theyre all white, theres nothing on them. …Detective Winters: Is it okay if we take those, I means its just gonna … ?Bryant: All right, all right, can I ask you a question though?Detective Winters: Ill let you ask some questions.Bryant: I do not want it to get to the media.Detective Winters: We dont either.Detective Loya: Thats why were here at this time of night.Bryant: So how could that happen?Detective Winters: And were doing everything we can to try to avoid this going out publicly. Were working on that okay. I, I dont know the answer to that right now okay, I cant promise you anything. I wish I could but I cant. Unfortunately it doesnt work that way in our line of work, okay?Detective Loya: Hey Kobe, have you ever had any of these allegations made against you before?Bryant: No. Are you kidding me?Detective Loya: No?Bryant: Never, I like, I treat everybody with the utmost respect, absolutely nothing. …Detective Winters: Huh, actually well be done here in a little while (talking to someone outside the room so …Detective Loya: Just hang tight to that other guy.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: I mean is it possible that at some point she could have told you no and you didnt quite hear her?Bryant: No, absolutely not, absolutely not.Detective Winters: Did you ever make the allegation that you like Vail Colorado when you were having sex with her?Bryant: No.Detective Loya: Did you ever ask her if you wanted, if you could …Bryant: Yes. Thats when she said no. Thats when she said no. Thats when she said no.Detective Loya: So what did, what did you say?Detective Winters: What did you say, how did that, how did that come about?Bryant: Um, you know, thats when I asked if I could …, she said no.Detective Loya: So you like to … ?Bryant: Thats my thing, not always, I mean, so I stopped. Jesus Christ man. (Inaudible).Detective Winters: So how was this, how was this consensual, I mean, wha, wha, explain to me how this was consensual.Bryant: It sounds pretty … crazy to me. (Inaudible) and all that.Detective Winters: Well no, no, no, no explain to me how you think this was consensual?Bryant: How was it not, I mean she, we …Detective Winters: You mutually kissed theres no question about that.Bryant: We mutually kissed.Detective Winters: Did you start …?Bryant: She bent herself over …Detective Winters: No, no, no, no. Okay, let me back up to the kissing, okay, at the kissing point okay, did anything escalate at that point, foreplay type issues, you know what Im grabbing?Bryant: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure.Detective Winters: No she put her hand on my penis and thats it, and then she started playing with that (inaudible).Detective Winters: Okay. Okay. Um, did she give you oral sex or anything like that?Bryant: Yes, she did.Detective Winters: She did?Bryant: She did.Detective Winters: For how, when did that happen?Bryant: For like 5 seconds. I said um, give me a blow job, um, and then (inaudible) kiss it (inaudible) she gave me a blow job.Detective Loya: So the blow job lasted about 5 seconds.Bryant: Yeah it was quick.Detective Loya: Then what happened?Bryant: Wait not, I mean like she was, kept on doing, I just told her to get up (inaudible) she didnt know what she was doing.Detective Winters: Did you perform anything else on her?Bryant: Did I?Detective Loya: Did you perform oral sex on her or anything like that?Bryant: I didnt do that.Detective Loya: Okay.Bryant: She said I did that to her?Detective Winters: No, Im not saying …Detective Loya: So you didnt use any kind of protection?Bryant: Didnt have any. I know you guys are looking at me sketch (inaudible).Detective Winters: Well, were just trying to sort out all the facts. Okay. Were trying to figure out (inaudible).Bryant: (Inaudible) Im gonna try, I tell you any … thing you need to know (inaudible).Detective Loya: Can we, can we keep walking to your room? Which way, is it this way?Detective Winters: What Id like to do is Id like to get a little better, Id like to get out of here, I dont want people starting to call people, start calling people and go (inaudible)…Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Will you, will you let your security guards know youre okay, and you dont need em?Bryant: Yeah. What did she (inaudible).Detective Loya: Okay, well lets talk about that in your room Kobe.Detective Winters: Yeah.Bryant: (Inaudible). What she (inaudible)Detective Winters: Well for one, you just had your knee operated on today and I dont want to keep you standing out here.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Lets go to your room and then well talk in detail, hows that?Bryant: Just tell me yes or no did she (inaudible)?Detective Loya: No, she didnt say. What time are you flying out tomorrow?Bryant: Im not (inaudible) if I knew (inaudible) knee (inaudible) have an appointment. Oh no. (Whispering.)Detective Loya: Im sorry. Not necessarily.(A lot of background noise and whispering.)Detective Loya: The security guards are here. Keep the guards here, the guns.Bryant: (Inaudible) real quick.(One of Kobes security, more likely Mike Ortiz): Are you okay or … ?Bryant: No.Detective Loya: Do me a favor and hang out with these guys here okay.Detective Winters: Well try to get this all sorted out okay.Bryant: How quickly can you do that?Detective Winters: Were working on that as quickly as we can.Bryant: Whatever I need to do without making this thing public, I will do man. I dont care what it is man. I will do it.Detective Loya: Well, if it becomes pubic its gonna be issues for you. Theres only so much we can do to prevent that.Detective Winters: What kind of surgery did you have?Bryant: Orthoscopic.Detective Winters: ACL or NCL?Bryant: Cartilage.Detective Loya: Do they send everybody out her for … for it?Bryant: No its just um, we did a lot of research and found out that these guys are the best.Detective Winters: Have you been keeping it because I havent heard anything really about it.Bryant: Yeah, were trying to keep it quiet, (inaudible) my shoulder operated on.Detective Winters: You gonna be ready for the season?Bryant: I dont know man, I dont even know if Ill be able to play this season with this … going on. If it becomes public Ill lose my wife. …Detective Loya: How long have you been married?Bryant: … and all my endorsements.Detective Loya: How long have you been married?Bryant: Two years. My wife and daughter, them mean everything man, everything man, up an until now (inaudible).Detective Loya: Well, did you think about that before what you were doing though? Its a chance you take when you play.Bryant: It was consensual, there was nothing weird you know what I mean.Detective Winters: Did she say anything to do to provoke any of this to happen?(Elevator door ringing.)Bryant: She said she wanted to, you know, she hoped that I would … her.Detective Winters: When did she say that?Bryant: Im trying to think how it came about, how …Detective Winters: Is that your stuff?Bryant: Yeah thats mine. I cant believe this girl. What does she want from me?Detective Loya: Do you want me to carry those for you Kobe?Bryant: Yeah. What does she want, what does she want?Detective Winters: I dont think she wants anything.Bryant: Are you kidding me?Detective Loya: What are you willing to give her?Bryant: She has to want, she has to want something (inaudible) she has to want something.Detective Winters: What do you mean she has to want something? I dont understand.Bryant: She has to have a, she has to have a motive, to do, she has to have a motive to do this.Detective Winters: What would be, what do you think her motive is then?Detective Loya: Are you willing to pay that if she is?Bryant; I got to. I got to. Im in the worst … situation.Detective Loya: They dont have any lights in this place? (Chuckle) Why dont you have a seat Kob.Bryant: These are my boxers, these are them.Detective Loya: That you wore yesterday?Detective Winters: What about these clothes? Are those the clothes you wore yesterday?Bryant: (Inaudible)Detective Winters: What about your shirt?Bryant: I wore this shirt.Detective Loya: You wore that shit.?Bryant: Yeah, Ive been wearing this shirt for like a week cause I went to New York and then um, I had an examination for my knee and (inaudible) have me come out here, so I dont have any clothes, so Ive been wearing this shirt for like, Ive been wearing this shirt off and on all the time (inaudible).Detective Winters: I understand. Okay.Detective Loya: Why dont you have a seat right here. Have a seat here and put your leg up.Detective Winters: You need a drink of water or use the bathroom or anything like that?Bryant: No.Detective Winters: Okay. Um, I think we pretty much go the gist of, of what happened, um, what I want you to tell us about what happened during, during all of this that went on last night.Bryant: Thats the chair she bent over. (Inaudible).Detective Winters: OK, how was she bent over?Bryant: She had leaned right here and she was um, (inaudible).Detective Loya: And you were … ?Detective Winters: Behind.Bryant: I was like this. I was like this, behind the chair like this.Detective Winters: Was she clothed or naked?Bryant: She had her pants on and um, she actually had a skirt on and um, (inaudible) thats how (inaudible).(Very low voices talking.)Detective Winters: Did you actually lift her skirt up?Bryant: I didnt think …Detective Winters: I understand this puts you in a weird position. Obviously. This is a serious allegation and, and what Id like to do is Id like you to hear me out. Um, okay, um, and I understand this is a serious allegation and obviously if this turns out to be a false allegation shes obviously gonna be dealt with accordingly okay. Um, but, we do have an allegation right now okay and I feel um, and I understand that you claim that this was consensual okay, um, do you think theres any possibility that at some point during this entire incident that she said no and it just happened to go on a little bit further and it just and then you quit.Bryant: No. I stopped (inaudible), I stopped.Detective Winters: When did she, when did you stop, what, what made you stop?Bryant: Well I asked her about the … thing and she was like no, I dont know.Detective Loya: How many times did you ask her?Bryant: Once.Detective Winters: Okay, all right, okay. You said, when, did it stop at that point?Bryant: Um, did I stop? (Inaudible) She went like this (inaudible), I asked her if I could … and she was like no um, I thought she was cool, you know, I stopped. I stopped pumping and uh, I just, I just stood there like this (inaudible) and um, then she just moved like this.Detective Loya: And what happened from there, where did she go?Bryant: Nothing. She was like um, can I have a couple autographs. You know what um, (inaudible) Ill give them, Ill give them to you tomorrow. The pens still there, the pen and the paper she handed to me are still here.Detective Winters: Whyd you say youd give them to her tomorrow?Bryant: Because I was supposed to see her tomorrow anyway. I could give them to her tomorrow.Detective Winters: How do you know you were going to see her tomorrow?Bryant: Because she told me, that was part of the whole conversation. We talked and said okay, like how long youve been working here blah, blah, blah, I work tomorrow, oh really, (inaudible). Cause I was saying how she works long hours, these are some … long hours to be doing this … shes like (inaudible).Detective Winters: Okay. Go ahead.Detective Loya: Why dont you sit back down.Bryant: She said, how she was actually supposed to get off early but she wanted to stay around and whatever and um, you know (inaudible).Detective Winters: Okay, um, why wouldnt you give her an autograph that night compared to waiting for tomorrow? I dont understand that.Bryant: I dont know. I just, I just, I do it like that, thats what I do. Like sometimes I feel like signing … right there on the spot, sometimes I dont. I mean you know (inaudible) she hands me the envelope um, … its not like you have a lot of basketball stars here you know.Detective Loya: Wheres the envelope.Bryant: Heres the marker.Detective Loya: Okay. She gave you this marker?Detective Winters: Um, what, why do you think she would make an allegation like that?Bryant: I have no idea, thats exactly what Im saying, thats exactly what Im saying, she must want money or something. It has to be that, because you guys (inaudible) because Im telling you man, I swear on my life, I did not, I did not sexually assault her in no kind of way whatsoever man. I though she was (inaudible).Detective Winters: Would you be willing …?Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: Would you be willing to take a polygraph examination?Bryant: Oh, yeah, Id do it. Ive never done one before (inaudible).Detective Winters: You know what they are?Bryant: Yeah. (Inaudible). Thats like a case isnt it?Detective Winters: Whats that?Bryant: I gotta go to court to do that?Detective Winters: No.Detective Loya: No. What a polygraph is, its a lie detector test. What well do …Bryant: I have to go to court or something?Detective Winters: No.Detective Loya: No.Bryant: So how do they do it?Detective Loya: No. What well do is well make arrangements to set it up with you. Obviously you dont live out here, so youd have to fly back out here to take the examination and wed ask you a series of questions only pertaining to this and if it shows you were being truthful to the questions asked …Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: And obviously its inadmissible in court, you cant use it in court. But shes willing to take one. Okay. Shes willing to take one and Im just asking if youd be willing to take one.Bryant: Yes I am.Detective Winters: Okay.Detective Loya: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: What do you think the results of the, of those tests are gonna be?Bryant: I would have to say I dont know. Ive never taken one. Im nervous right now my hands are shaking. (Inaudible).Detective Loya: What do you think should happen to somebody that …Detective Winters: For one, I can, uh, no. I advise you not to talk to him, okay.Detective Winters: I, you know, we appreciate your cooperation with us and allowing us in your room and you know, being, being cooperative with us to let us talk to you about this issue. Um, these are tough issues, Im gonna tell you right now okay. These are very tough issues. They are serious allegations and shes fully aware of the consequences behind these allegations that are being made, okay. Um, but, I guess were, you know this is what Im having problems with Mr. Bryant um, for one, I dont know if youre telling me the truth or not, okay. Im gonna be flat out honest with you and let me finish okay. Im gonna tell you why all right. Im the kind of person that Im gonna tell you, Im gonna tell it like it is, okay. Im not gonna beat around the bush. One, you lied to us right off the bat. Okay.Bryant: Well … (inaudible).Detective Winters: And I understand, and just let me finish okay. So one you lied to us, okay, that doesnt help. Two, um, then, then we confront this issue and you seemed a little bit skeptical in the details of exactly what happened throughout the entire incident okay. Im not saying youre a person that would do something like this okay. I agree with you, I agree that you got caught up in the moment. Okay. No doubt about it, you know, no doubt about it whatsoever. What I think you got caught up in also Mr. Bryant, is that, and I agree, I, I completely agree you, it was consensual up to the point of the hugging and kissing issue I agree, completely consensual. I have no issues with that whatsoever. What I, what Im being, what Im skeptical on is that I dont know how consensual the sexual intercourse was. Okay. I dont, I dont, I guess to be honest with you Im not sure, Im not sure, if were getting all the facts presented to us as far as exactly what happened. See this is the way I look at it, I you know, I look at it this way, shes an attractive young lady okay.Bryant: She wasnt that attractive.Detective Winters: You know, well, shes okay, okay. Um, shes young, you know, shes excited to see you, no, no questions asked about that whatsoever. And youre right, you both got caught up in the moment, um, then things started happening with her, she started thinking one way, uh, she started thinking no, I dont want to do this, but then again you know, being the person you are, you are a respectable person. I have the utmost respect for you. But being caught up in the moment (stutter in tape) even though she told you no, you know, Im not comfortable doing this, you know, I think you tried, you know, just wanted to finish okay.Bryant: I didnt finish a … thing.Detective Winters: And I know it stopped at a certain point okay, um …Detective Loya: By, by no means do we think that youre …Bryant: Matter of fact.Detective Winters: Go ahead.Bryant: I (inaudible) … when she left. (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Mr. Bryant by no means do we think youre a sexual predator or …Bryant: I did not do this. I (Inaudible) at all.Detective Loya: Anything like that. But, but we do have evidence already where theres some vaginal tearing where its consistent more that it was …Bryant: (Inaudible). Youve got to be kidding.Detective Loya: Well let me finish, but its consistent with more than just what I believe, more than five minutes of sexual intercourse. Okay.Bryant: Well, thats all there was.Detective Loya: Even though, even though you said it was pretty, youre pretty big you said it was easy to penetrate her.Bryant: Yes, went like that and there was no resistance. None. She bent over and …Detective Winters: And shes gonna, and I agree, shes gonna, there was no resistance …Bryant: She didnt (inaudible) … anything.Detective Winters: For the fear she was in.Bryant: Fear, fear, how much fear could she could she be in if she said no?Detective Winters: Comments, comments made such as you know, that you know um, that, did you ask her that, not to tell anybody about this?Bryant: Not to tell anybody about what?Detective Winters: That this happened?Bryant: No.Detective Loya: Did you ever tell, did you ever …?Bryant: I asked her, said look if we go swimming, if we go swimming I dont, I dont need you to tell no people that were going swimming even though Im gonna ask Mike Ortiz and those guys or whatever in there. (Inaudible.) Detective Loya: You never told her not to tell anybody about having sex with her?Bryant: No cause thats kinda … thats. I told her about the pool thing, I figured you know if she understands what Im saying and then shes like well you know Im not going to say anything.Detective loya: I have a question though. What did you thing was gonna happen after she left your, and after you had sex with her? What did you think she was gonna tell?Bryant: What do you mean?Detective Loya: Well shes nineteen years old.Detective Winters: You dont know her.Bryant: maybe, maybe that you know … (inaudible). (Detective Loya talking over).Detective Loya: She had, she just had sexual intercourse with an NBA player. What did you think she was gonna do? What did you think…?Bryant: I never had sex with her before. I dont know man, I dont know. I have no guarantees.Detective Loya: Is this, I dont mean to offend you in any way but is this a habit of yours, that you cheat on your wife?Detective Winters: Has this ever happened before?Bryant: Um, yes, with one other person. And she could actually testify I do that um, I do the same thing, I hold her from the back, I put my hands (inaudible).Detective Loya: And whos that other person?Bryant: (inaudible) Her name is Michelle. (Inaudible).Detective Loya: And this is somebody you frequent or one time incident or …?Bryant: No. Shes a, shes a frequent (inaudible).Detective Loya: And your wife…Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Obviously your wife doesnt know about this?Bryant: No. Nothing man, seriously. (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Well I dont, well I dont know about Detective Winters but I can probably speak for him we dont plan on telling her. But …Detective Winters: Were not going to tell your wife.Detective Loya: But, you know, just like he was saying, I think, I think, you know how long have you been away from home?Bryant: Um, (Inaudible)?Detective Loya: Yeah.Bryant: (Inaudible) I left Monday.Detective Loya: Today, well its Wednesday now.Detective Winters: Tuesday.Bryant: (Inaudible) … I left Saturday (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Whos making the arrangements the NBA or you?Bryant: Uh, (inaudible) … came out here … (inaudible).Detective Winters: Did you fly out private or?Bryant: Private.Detective Winters: Into Denver?Bryant: Into Vail.Detective Winters: Oh you flew into Vail last night …Detective Loya: Into Eagle.Bryant: (Inaudible) into Eagle.Detective Loya: Just down the road here?Detective Winters: You arrived last, or last, the night before?Bryant: Mm hmm.Detective Winters: Monday night?Bryant: Mm hmm.Detective Loya: Is there anything else you think we should know that might help the investigation, that could probably help you out a little but … or think its important that we need to know?Bryant: Nothing I can think of. (Inaudible).Detective Loya: So just to reiterate and correct me if Im wrong, you met her when you got here, you asked her to show you around the property?Bryant: Uh, no, not immediately.Detective Loya: Not immediately, but later in the evening.Bryant: Right.Detective Loya: You asked her to show you around the property, after showing you around the property you guys ended up here?Bryant: (Inaudible). Ended up here.Detective Loya: She took you out to the balcony.Bryant: (Inaudible) took me out here (inaudible) the bears uh (inaudible) talk it up a little bit, (inaudible) I sat down right there and she was sitting next tome and I sat right there and started to shoot the … about stuff. Detective Loya: And then what happened?Bryant: Um, she (inaudible).Detective Loya: Did you make the first move, did she make the first move?Bryant: Uh, (inaudible).Detective Loya: When did she make the comment that she wanted to sleep with you?Bryant: When we were having sex.Detective Loya: What exactly did she say?Bryant: She was like when I saw you arrive I (inaudible), I was like okay, (inaudible) … I just felt like it and thats exactly what I said, and you guys can take that however the … you want, cause thats what she … said … okay, thats exactly…Detective Loya: Okay, you guys started kissing, making out, talked to her about the tattoo things?Bryant: No that was before.Detective Loya: That was before…?Bryant: She was sitting right here told me about the tattoo.Detective Loya: Okay. So you guys started making out?Bryant: Then she stood up right there and told me about the tattoo on her shoulder.Detective Loya: Did you pull her panties down or did she pull them down?Bryant: Laughter … I pulled them down. Cause she lifted, she lifted up her skirt so I could, so I could grab her butt. (Inaudible)… I was you know just doing regular things, all of a sudden man she lifted up her skirt. (Inaudible) …and then from behind and then you know she grabbed (inaudible).Detective Loya: With her vagina?Bryant: Yes.Detective Loya: Okay.Bryant: And she (inaudible) from behind my butt.Detective Winters: Your penis?Bryant: Yes. (Inaudible). In my opinion …, in my opinion (inaudible) my pants (inaudible).Detective Loya: So she went into your pants?Detective Winters: How did she do that if youre from behind?Bryant: No, thats when she started having sex with me, we stood up right here and started having the you know, the foreplay happened right here. Right here, we stood up right here (inaudible) the hug goodbye thing or whatever.Detective Loya: Do you have an I.D. on you Kobe?Bryant: Huh?Detective Loya: Do you have and I.D.?Bryant: No.Detective Loya: No? Okay.Bryant: K-O-B-E B-E-A-N B-R-Y-A-N-TDetective Winters: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: Im sorry whats your middle name?Bryant: B-E-A-N.Detective Loya: Bryant. Whats your date of birth?Bryant: August 23, 1978.Detective Loya: And whats your physical address?Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: Well we need it for… were not gonna give it out to anybody.Bryant: (Bryant provides his home address, which will not be listed here)Detective Loya: Whats your phone number.Bryant: (Bryant provides his phone numbers, which will not be listed here).Detective Loya: Do you uh, whats your uh, do you have a California drivers license?Detective Winters: We need it for her files.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: (Winters asks for Bryants Social Security number, which Bryant provides).Detective Winters: Um, so what youre saying is, that this, this is all a mistake this is all consensual.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Loya: And you dont have any reason, and you dont have any idea why she would make some kind… cause this is a real serious allegation and we…Bryant: I know it is but what do you want me to do, I cant, theres nothing I can do.Detective Loya: You have a 5-month-old daughter?Bryant: Yeah.Detective Loya: Imagine your daughter being nineteen and she comes home and tells you this, how would you react?Bryant: I know, Id be very pissed. I mean I would listen to her side of the story but I would (inaudible) too (inaudible) if shed do anything like that.Detective Winters: Well is it possible that no words were exchanged, nobody said hey Kobe I want to have sex with you or hey baby I want to have sex with you? Did that ever occur?Bryant: Did what?Detective Winters: Did you ever ask her to have sex or did she ever ask you to have sex?Bryant: No.Detective Winters: How do you know that it was mutual to have sex?Bryant: We just started kissing I asked her I said you know, (inaudible) she bent over, and she walked over on her own free will. She was standing right here, right here were kissing and she, she put her foot up here all by herself if that wasnt consensual (inaudible) …Detective Winters: Did she cry, did she cry at any time during this?Bryant: Did she cry, no.Detective Loya: After the act was completed?Bryant: She didnt cry at all.Detective Loya: After the act was completed where did you go, when you pulled out, you said she slipped off?Bryant: I didnt say she slipped off, she just you know removed herself from…Detective Winters: You said earlier she slipped off, I dont understand, I asked you (inaudible).Bryant: I said she slid off.Detective Loya: Slid off.Bryant: Slid off like when uhDetective Loya: Ok.Bryant: (Inaudible) That was when I stood there like this (inaudible) and uh you know (inaudible) put it back in my pants (inaudible) so you know, (inaudible) that was it, no more no nothing.Detective Loya: What did she do, did she?Bryant: She kissed goodbye. Boom.Detective Loya: Did she put her clothes on?Bryant: yeah, like the same thing I did. I put my thing back my pants when I through and she …Detective Loya: So then after that you immediately kissed and she left?Bryant: No, she didnt leave, we kissed goodbye, we kissed goodbye.Detective Winters. Well how long was it after is stopped before she left?Bryant: Uh, I dont know, I cant I dont know the time, but like three minutes, I dont know, we kissed right here, like goodbye (inaudible) then I walked her to the door. We to the door and she left. No crying no nothing. (Inaudible).Detective Winters: I dont understand, but I guess what I dont understand is why (inaudible) what she was doing (inaudible). Her familys fairly well off why would she (inaudible).Bryant: (Inaudible). I dont know. (Inaudible). All I know is that (inaudible).Detective Loya: But they also have to go through the same process youre going through too.Bryant: Yeah but youre asking me stuff like a statement or (inaudible).Detective Winters: Well, and Im gonna be straight up honest with you Kobe, I dont know if the information is gonna get out okay, if the press calls me at this point in the investigation, um, Im gonna explain to that that this is an ongoing investigation, that were looking into the matter and thats all I can explain.Detective Loya: And youre saying she gave you this marker Kobe?Bryant: Yes.Detective Loya: With these cards?Bryant: That was after. After we had sex is when she gave it to me. After.Detective Winters: Where did she give it to you from?Bryant: Standing after the kissing we started walking around she said how bout that autograph because I joked with her upstairs, I said um, all of us were walking, me, my trainer, my two security guards, were walking and I said I might be able to have one of em because people dont bother me if you have no boyfriend so then shes like well, you know, can I get your autograph.Detective Winters: Where did she pull that out from?Bryant: Um, I guess she had it in her, her jacket pocket (inaudible) a coat pocket.Detective Loya: Did her jacket ever come off during intercourse?Bryant: She took off her jacket off when she sat down. (Inaudible).Detective Winters: Well like I say, I cant promise you that its not gonna get out. I dont know Mr. Bryant, I just dont know. I wish I could honestly, honestly answer you that this, this isnt gonna get out, but I dont know. Uh, you know as well as I do the situation might be yeah, a lot of times they do come in but for all I know maybe other people, other celebrities have been investigated. We all dont know but thats possible.Detective Loya: And shes been made aware, very well aware by Detective Winters of the seriousness of the allegations and repercussions if she is making a false statement and all that. She was brought in.Bryant: She had all this time to sit there and thing that this happened coincidentally or whatever and um (unclear) the strangling thing you have to go talk to this girl (inaudible) Michelle.Detective Loya: She has a bruise on her neck.Bryant: Yeah I mean thats you know me and Michelle, thats what we, we do the same thing.Detective Winters: Thats your thing. How many times did you have sex with Michelle?Bryant: A lot. Shell tell you the same …Detective Loya: Do you have her number?Bryant: Um not right here.Detective Winters: Do you usually have sex with…?Bryant: (Inaudible) wont be back in New York…Detective Loya: Whos Mike, a security guard?Bryant: Shes not gonna be back in New York until after (inaudible).Detective Loya: Is he your private security guard or is it through a company?Bryant: Through a company called O&R.Detective Winters: Okay, um, is that, is that do you normally, when you see Michelle in a bar do you hook up with her?Bryant: Well no, I mean shes not (inaudible) shes cool but thats pretty much what we do.Detective Winters: And obviously I think your wife doesnt need to know.Bryant: Oh, no.Detective Winters: Well youre an adult, youre a man, you know the noble thing you need to do. I cant tell you whether you need to call your wife or not but thats a decision youre gonna have to make. Um, Murphys Law states that whatever can go wrong will … so whether you tell your wife thats up to you but I have no intentions of telling your wife. Now there may come a time where I, being the detective on the case, where I may need to talk to, say hey Mr. Bryant you know, hey I need to ask you about this theres something that came up. I cant say that I wont, I mean whos to say that your wife wont answer the phone.Detective Loya: Unless you have a number that we can call you at wheres shes not gonna answer the phone, but we dont want you to avoid us.Bryant: No sir.Detective Loya: You gonna avoid us though or you gonna?Bryant: No, no, no, no, no.Detective Winters: No Ill do what I can, you know, Mr. Bryant I cant promise you anything I just want you to know…Detective Loya: Cause if you avoid us Kobe, thats really gonna hit the public.Bryant: Why the … would I avoid you for? Call me. I dont care. Call me.Detective Winters: Well Kobe, I dont think youre gonna avoid us, youve been real cooperative with us you know, youve been real cool about everything, but uh, I guess at this time do you have any questions for us?Bryant: Yeah, what is going to happen next?Detective Winters: Okay. And Im gonna explain everything about what happens here shortly.Detective Loya: Cause were gonna need some things from you too.Bryant: (Inaudible) Tell me what happens.Detective Winters: Okay. Real quickly though, what Im gonna do it, Im gonna call down and call … and Im gonna have her bring me some bags so we can collect evidence (inaudible) that whats gonna happen is um, would you be willing to consent to a sexual examination kit?Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: (Inaudible) … Basically its called a male sexual examination kit, okay (inaudible).Bryant: (Inaudible)Detective Loya: We should just work straight through, its gonna be 5, 6:00 but (inaudible) in Eagle and maybe (inaudible).(Background voice) Do you need me or?Detective Loya: Okay. Its okay now. Hey Ko, Kobe, Kobe?Bryant: I dont believe this man, what?Detective Loya: Lets not blow this out more than what it already is, lets just take it one day at a time and go from there. Youre not being arrested or anything like that.Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: No, what we want to do is take to the hospital and well have an examination performed and then you guys can take him back up here. You can follow us down there. Its gonna be about two to three hours.Detective Loya: Or the other thing is we can, if you want to give us a minute we can call you where theres about an hour left. Well meet you there.Detective Winters: Okay, Im gonna be up front with you right now. I have a court order so it doesnt matter whether you consent or not.Bryant: No and I dont care about that. Im talking to the trainer.Detective Winters: Yeah.Bryant: I dont care about that (inaudible)….Detective Winters: Yeah thats fine.Carbone: I believe …Detective Loya: Are you a trainer?Carbone: Yeah, Im his trainer.Detective Loya: Come on Andy.Carbone: Would you mind if he just spoke to somebody before you guys take him down there?Bryant: (Inaudible). Yeah. Id just like to (inaudible).Detective Winters: Now, well heres, we need to go. I mean time, I dont want …Detective Loya: Its 2:00 in the morning.Detective Winters: I dont to drag this out any longer than we need to.(Unclear who is speaking) Can we drain this before you go?Detective Winters: Absolutely go for it.Bryant: (Inaudible) I was hoping if I can drain this Ill be (inaudible).Detective Winters: Drain it.Detective Loya: How do you guys, how do you guys want to do this, do you want to follow us down, or do you want us to call you when theres about an hour left in the exam?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: We need to follow you down but we dont have a vehicle you know.Detective Loya: You guys dont have a vehicle?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: We dont.Detective Winters: Howve you been getting around?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: (Inaudible) you know somebody taking …Detective Loya: A shuttle kind of.Probably Mike Ortiz: Yeah. A limo service.Detective Winters: Can you call the limo service?Detective Loya: Cause you cant ride with us. We dont have a vehicle to provide for you.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Winters: I mean, I would rather, I would rather one of you guys come follow us.Detective Loya: you wont ride with us.Detective Winters: No, we need (inaudible).Detective Loya: But when were done we want to turn him over to you.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay. Real quick and where do we go?Detective Winters: Were going to Glenwood Springs. You get on the interstate and youre gonna head west toward Eagle, like toward the airport.Detective Loya: Why dont you write it so he can read your handwriting. Its Glenwood Springs and its gonna be, youre gonna go I-70, you know where I-70 is at, right?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: I-70.Detective Loya: I-70 westbound.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Loya: To exit 116.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Loya: Are you guys gonna follow us or not?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Well we dont have a car, we have to get a hold of one.Detective Loya: No. Okay. At the exit youre gonna take a right.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: 116 exit?Detective Loya: Yeah, 116 exit and youre gonna take a right.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Loya: Yeah, right. Youll come to a stop light intersection at that stop light intersection and youre gonna take another right.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay, stoplight, intersection, right.Detective Loya: Okay. Youre gonna stay on that road youre gonna go over the bridge its Grand Avenue. Youre gonna go over that bridge…Unknown voice talking: How are you gonna (inaudible).Detective Loya: to the Taco Bell. You cant miss it.Detective Winters: It helps if you put pressure on it whatever you (inaudible) I dont care. (Inaudible) I dont care.Detective Loya: Once you go over the bridge you keep going and therell be a Taco Bell on your left hand side about a mile, two miles down Grand Avenue. Yeah, youre not from around here.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: No, no Im not.Detective Loya: Its probably not as complicated as L.A.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Whats that?Detective Loya: Its probably not as complicated at L.A.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: I dont know.Detective Loya: You guys from L.A. or?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: No. But what is it called?Detective Loya: Valley View Hospital and the phone number there is …Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Loya: Ill give you my cell number too, just in case you guys get lost. Um, 970. The area code is 970 for all these.Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Okay.Detective Loya: (Loya provides his cell phone number) Sorry for the inconvenience for you guys, but …Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: You dont even know.Detective Loya: Youre right.Detective Winters: (Inaudible) um with everything that youre thinking uh, believe me youre gonna want your crutches, youre probably gonna want your pain meds if you need it, you might just as well take it anyway. (inaudible).Bryant: (Inaudible).Detective Winters: Yeah grab me and take em.Detective Loya: Hang tight and lets get your meds. (Someone opening a paper bag).(Inaudible) … I guess (inaudible) one of us can run him back up. Do you guys, hey are you guys gonna have, hang tight real quick, are you guys gonna have access to a vehicle or …?Probably Mike Ortiz speaking: Were gonna try to get one (inaudible).Detective Loya: See if the hotel will lend you one or something.Bryant: I would really feel more comfortable if just one of them could ride even in the back seat or something.Detective Loya: Thats not possible man, nobody else rides in our cars. Its just our insurance policy. Ill lose my job if anything else goes that way.Bryant: So can uh, Troy (Laster, one if his security guards) you wait here.Detective Loya: Which ways which. I dont know how we get out of here?Detective Winters: Take the elevator or the stairs.Vail Colorado

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