Cordillera firehouse supports valley fire crews |

Cordillera firehouse supports valley fire crews

Kathy Filgo
Cordilleras fire truck stands ready along with Resident Firefighter Nathan Lehnert and Firefighter Bryce Hayes (2 photos)

Cordillera’s little-known fire station is a year old. What also may not be common knowledge is the upscale neighborhood’s Chaveno fire station not only responds to emergencies in Cordillera, but also backs up fire crews throughout the valley.

The Chaveno station is the ninth in the Eagle River Fire Protections District, which covers neighborhoods from Red Cliff to Avon to Wolcott. Cordillera also has a second fire station at the Summit, the upper most area of the development. But unlike the Chaveno firehouse, the Summit station will not be manned 24 hours a day. “We were working with people who were very receptive to building a program that satisfied not only their desires but our needs as well,” Eagle River fire Chief Charlie Moore said. The Chaveno station includes an expanded training area for Eagle River firefighters as well as office space and residences for student firefighters.

The station has also reduced the insurance rates for homeowners in Cordillera. “The only way to reduce insurance rates was to put in a fire station,” said Carol Gill-Mulson, Eagle River’s deputy chief and fire marshal.Because of the station, the response time for crews headed to a home in an emergency dropped from an average of 12 minutes to under five. The Cordillera station will be manned 24 hours a day by at least two firefighters who can respond to emergencies throughout the upper valley.

The land on which the fire station is built was donated to the project by the Cordillera community and the costs for the station, approximately $1.5 million, came from bonds passed by the neighborhood. That means no money from outside the subdivision was used to build the station, though firefighters there will support crews throughout the upper valley.

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