Cordillera homeowner shoots, kills intruder bear |

Cordillera homeowner shoots, kills intruder bear

Edward Stoner
Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado – A Cordillera homeowner shot and killed an “aggressive” bear Saturday after it had repeatedly broken into the person’s home, wildlife officials said.

The bear entered the home twice Saturday and was chased off by the homeowner both times, said Randy Hampton, of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. When it returned a third time, the homeowner shot and killed it, Hampton said.

“We’ve determined it was a justified situation,” Hampton said. “If a homeowner is defending themselves and they feel threatened, they have every right to shoot and aggressive animal, bear or otherwise.”

The bear was 1-2 years old and weighed about 70 pounds, Hampton said.

The Division of Wildlife sees about two or three similar instance a year in which a homeowner kills an aggressive bear, Hampton said.

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