Cordillera man, son honored for leadership book |

Cordillera man, son honored for leadership book

Jacquelyn Alvarez
Special to the Daily
Bob Vanourek | Special to the Daily

EDWARDS — Bob Vanourek, of Cordillera, speaks enthusiastically of the Triple Crown, with passion and fervor enough that you’d believe he himself was the 12th horse to ever complete the feat.

However the Triple Crown that adorns him, and his son Gregg, is one of leadership, not thoroughbred racing. Although thousands of miles apart, Colorado to Sweden, Bob and Gregg are enjoying the success of their book, “Triple Crown Leadership.”

Published just over a year ago, the book is garnering serious awards and accolades, earning the 2013 honor of being the best out of the “General Business” category from the International Book Awards.

According to Jeff Keen, President and CEO of USA Book News, the parent company of International Book Awards, the “General Business” category is one of the larger groupings with 40-50 entries.

After years of experience in corporate America, Bob said he feels as though this is a culmination of his life’s work, enhanced by adding his son to the mix. Through Gregg’s experience with start-ups and social ventures, they were able to create a book that is engaging for a wide audience.

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The book covers a variety of leadership topics and tactics, focusing on the core model that true leadership is a team experience and successful when the individual is empowered.

Gregg, currently instructing at the Royal Institute of Technology at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in Sweden, said he and his father possess complementary views of the world and leadership.

“I have learned so much from my dad through the years,” Gregg said. “We’ve worked together before, we’ve taught together and facilitated workshops.”

John Horan-Kates, president of the Vail Leadership Institute, said Bob and Gregg have played important roles within his organization.

“Bob has been involved for probably 10 years, initially as a trustee, then as the chairman of the board, and then we wouldn’t let him go so we made him chairman emeritus,” Horan-Kates said.

Horan-Kates said Gregg was elected to take over his father’s position on the board of trustees and is also an adjunct faculty member.

“It’s about bringing out the best in people, including yourself, leading yourself effectively so that you can lead others towards a worthy destination,” Gregg said.

For many, working with a relative can be a taxing adventure, but approaching such a venture with an open mind and welcomeness aided in the success for these two successful entrepreneurs.

Bob said they worked well as a team, without experience or ego getting in the way of the success of this book.

“‘Well, Gregg, Dad has all this experience you have to listen to what I say,’” Bob joked. “No, no it was a very peer kind of relationship, very cooperative.”

Bob will be speaking at the Cordillera Cafe on Aug. 6 at 5:30 p.m., answering questions and signing books.

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