Coronavirus leaves Coloradans stranded in Peru for weeks — maybe longer |

Coronavirus leaves Coloradans stranded in Peru for weeks — maybe longer

Justin Wingerter, The Denver Post
Peyton Garcia, 26, and Will Hanson, 30, of Louisville, Colorado are stuck in Peru due to coronavirus closures. (Photo provided by Garcia)

On March 13, Peyton Garcia and Will Hanson emerged from a five-day, off-the-grid trek to Machu Picchu and found a different world than the one they had left behind.

“Our phones were flooded with messages from family and friends on the situation in the states,” said Garcia, a 26-year-old from Louisville, via email from a hostel in the southeastern Peruvian city of Cusco. “It was very, very surreal. At first, we were more worried about our loved ones back home than we were about ourselves.”

Before the Colorado couple could determine, or even discuss, their next steps, Peru’s president banned commercial flights in and out of the country. Everyone was placed in a 15-day quarantine, enforced by armed military and police.

Coronavirus has left Coloradans stranded around the world, including in countries that have walled themselves off from international travel amid the crisis, such as Peru. They have sought help from the State Department and, when frustrated, from their members of Congress. They could face an uncertain few weeks, or longer, abroad.

“We are comfortable and safe, but we just really want to go home and be with our families in this troublesome time,” Garcia says. “It’s scary being this far away from home and having no idea when you might get back.”

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