Corruption at home in 2nd Congressional District campaign: Just as dirty, just as wrong (letter) |

Corruption at home in 2nd Congressional District campaign: Just as dirty, just as wrong (letter)

Trump’s antics are blinding us to Democratic Party corruption, and you cannot speak truth to power if you don’t speak truth.

In our district, the Tuesday, June 26, primary race for Congress is led by Joe Neguse, a nice guy with an American-dream background. He speaks great politics, but he doesn’t speak truth.

Neguse states repeatedly that he had no previous knowledge of incumbent Jared Polis not seeking re-election. This is impossible, considering his campaign website, donned with droves of endorsements, was operational within hours of Polis’ announcement.

He says only 2 percent of his funding comes from political action committee money. In truth, it’s more than six times that! He says more than 75 percent of his funding comes from small individual donations. The truth, 1/6 of that.

Neguse is as unflinching when he delivers these untruths as Trump is saying, “fake news” or “no collusion.” He is swimming in PAC money attached to oil, gas, fracking and other special interests. Big money in politics is the cardinal sin, and Neguse is unequivocally guilty.

Our district is solidly Democratic. We don’t need a mainstream candidate in order to win. We need a genuine progressive to fight for our interests and speak our truth to power in Washington.

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Calling all good men, and women, of the 2nd Congressional District: Mark Williams is the only candidate in the race running a clean campaign. Do the right thing! Vote Mark Williams.

Ami Dayan


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