Cosmetology in plans for Red Canyon senior |

Cosmetology in plans for Red Canyon senior

Cindy Ramunno

Brittany Baker was born in Glenwood Springs and until recently, lived on Sweetwater Road. Baker is set to graduate from high school this spring, and she is excited to move forward. She attended Gypsum schools until last year. “I didn’t feel welcomed at Eagle Valley High, so I decided to attend classes at Red Canyon High,” says Baker. The Eagle County School District’s Red Canyon is the only alternative high school in the valley, with classes offered in Eagle and Edwards.

Baker likes the laid-back atmosphere of the school. She explains, “It’s a lot more fun at Red Canyon and there is not as much pressure put on students here.” Baker says that her favorite teacher at the school is Ms. Seals.

After participating in 4H this summer, Baker is looking at pursuing a career in cosmetology. She will begin taking class at the Glenwood Springs Beauty Academy this fall. “While talking with my brother’s girlfriend, she mentioned that she wished she would have pursued cosmetology,” says Baker. “She said that by doing that, you’re able to work in spas and have more opportunities,” Baker adds. And of course, by completing classes at the academy, more money will come your way. Academy graduates can demand more in salaries than if you were to just start cutting hair. “That too,” laughs Baker. “I could definitely use more money.”

Baker’s interest in hair and making hair beautiful came at a very young age ” 5 years old. She started creating “dos” when she was very young ” first on a very patient father. “I would sit and put barrettes in my dad’s hair,” smiles Baker. Then, she moved on to “clients” ” herself. She would try to fix her own hair for school. “It didn’t always look the best, but I wanted to do it myself,” says Baker.

Red Canyon principal Wade Hill says Baker has been a model student and a valued contributor to the school. “Brittany has done a wonderful job for us and she has great plans for the future,” says Hill.

Baker is now on her own, which she says was her choice. She realizes now that it’s difficult to live on your own at such a young age. Her advice to her younger school mates is not to do that. She says, “Always stick with school. Don’t move out until you’re financial stable.”

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