Cost of Kobe absorbed into DA’s budget |

Cost of Kobe absorbed into DA’s budget

EAGLE – Along with his heart and soul, prosecuting Kobe Bryant cost District Attorney Mark Hurlbert 10 percent of his budget.Hurlbert is the top cop in the 5th Judicial District – Eagle, Lake, Summit and Clear Creek counties – and rides herd on a $2.1-million annual budget. According to records from across the district, the case cost Eagle County about $277,197, with the total tab above $325,000 when the other three counties are thrown into the mix.

“I would like to thank all the dedicated, hardworking people who assisted in the preparation of this case,” Hurlbert said in his prepared statement Wednesday.

Eagle County Administrator Jack Ingstad said when prosecutors dropped the case, the county’s e-mail lit up. He and his staff answered as many as they could Thursday.Eagle County officials budgeted $350,000 for the prosecution and said “no more” when asked for additional funding.”Everyone has budgets that they must stay within,” said Ingstad.In 2003, prosecutors received about $105,000 of special funding for the Bryant case from Eagle County.Some of that might come back to the county, with the trial called off, but most is already spent.

With death threats pouring into the county from all over, local officials felt the need to raise the security profile. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office spent $24,200 in security gear, $43,750 in overtime, and $6,000 for food and private security – $73,950 total.Hurlbert is up for re-election in November. His opponent, Bruce Brown, said residents are fiscally conservative and are closely watching the case.Randy Wyrick is a writer for the Vail Daily. He can be reached at Colorado

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