Cost of pavilion going up, again |

Cost of pavilion going up, again

Kathy Heicher

EAGLE Extra costs continue to dog the countys Fairgrounds Pavilion project. What started out as a $1.9 million project is exceeding $3.1 million.Last month, the county commissioners were not happy to learn that the cost of bathrooms and an animal wash area had ballooned from the early estimate of $300,000 to $554,000. The contractors attributed the changes in cost to the countys decision to increase the size of the facility and to rising costs of concrete and steel for the 45,000-square-foot building. This week, the commissioners were confronted with an immediate needs list that would involve spending another $73,000 to have the building ready for this years County Fair and Rodeo. The cost includes $2,750 for divider curtains to separate the exhibit space for food and sewing projects from the livestock events; $45,000 for wood flooring that can be placed over the dirt floor for some events; $10,000 for perimeter fencing and gates; and about $9,700 for tables, chairs and crowd-control measures.I find it very annoying to the extreme that we didnt budget for all these things to begin with, said County Commissioner Peter Runyon, who cast the deciding vote for the project last year. He said he thought many items, such as the perimeter fencing, had been part of the original budget.Vail, Colorado

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