Costco’s costs |

Costco’s costs

Don Rogers: All the points you make in Quick Takes about Costco in Gypsum are right as far as they go.

The points you have neglected to make are that Costco will probably put Columbine Market and Mac’s Liquor out of business, and the whole business district around the Gypsum Post office will suffer. This little shopping area is half empty now and I believe Costco is going to ruin what ever chances it had of being a success.

The nice thing about this little business area is that it is within walking distance of the town. Costco will be a drive for Gypsum residents. So opportunities for small entrepreneurs are being lost as well the walking village concept. It’s an eventual plus for Gypsum’s tax base and a loss for Gypsum’s opportunity to keep it’s small town ambience. What’s more important, big impersonal businesses or opportunities for local residents to own small businesses? There is no doubt in my mind what the best choice is.

Roger Brown


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