Costly gas won’t slow Colorado turkey travel |

Costly gas won’t slow Colorado turkey travel

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Vail, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” The average price of a gallon of gas in Colorado has never been $3 in November, but travel is expected to increase slightly.

“Because Coloradans perceive travel as a right, they are finding ways around such challenges as the increased cost of gasoline and are still traveling,” said Sandra Barnes, AAA Colorado’s director of travel. “Overall, our travel agency is as busy as last year when it comes to booking for Thanksgiving travel.

“The only difference is that some travelers are cutting costs by staying at less expensive hotels, eating at less expensive restaurants or cutting out travel expenses they don’t absolutely need.”

Gas prices in Colorado are up considerably from last year. Coloradans on average are paying 90 cents per gallon more. The average price is $3.11 a gallon compared to $2.21 last year.

Unusually high gas prices are not adding a considerable amount of expense to in-state travelers. Motorists will only spend $22.50 more this year on regular unleaded gasoline in a 500-mile round-trip journey, driving a car that gets 20 miles per gallon. Motorist can calculate the current costs of fuel for their trip with AAA’s online fuel cost calculator at

The top five in-state travel destination booked through AAA Colorado’s travel agency for Thanksgiving this year are Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins/Loveland, Grand Junction and Vail/Eagle.

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