Costner, Kutcher quite a team in ‘The Guardian’ |

Costner, Kutcher quite a team in ‘The Guardian’

Megan Mowbray
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Oh-rah. I believe that last time I started a movie review with that armed forced guttural grunt was when I was attempting to explain the body of Jamie Foxx in “Jarhead.” This time, I use it in the sense that “The Guardian” was actually that good. A little bit “The Perfect Storm,” a pinch of a Nicholas Sparks’ book (think “Message In a Bottle”), and a dash of “Armageddon.”

You know, however funny you may find “That 70’s Show,” it is impressive as all get-out that Ashton Kutcher has soundly broken out of Kelso. Granted, his first few attempts with, “Dude Where’s My Car,” with Sean William Scott, and “Just Married,” with Brittney Murphy, really didn’t do it for me. However, “Butterfly Effect”? Holy crap that was a good movie, and some serious acting.

In this movie, I kind of enjoyed the parallel effect of the veteran leading the rookie. What I mean is, Ashton Kutcher’s character in “The Guardian,” is Jake Fischer, or Goldfish as Kevin Costner’s character likes to call him, and is trying to graduate to a Coast Guard rescue diver. Costner is Ben Randall, a senior coast guard rescue diver, who works out of Kodiak, Alaska, and is sent to teach a young bunch of recruits in Louisiana. Ashton and Jake are both rookies at what they are doing, acting seriously, and rescue diving. Costner and Randall are seasoned at both. It’s a nice dynamic.

Anywho, despite the pained, somewhat constipated look that crosses Fischer’s face as he yells “oh-rah” before everything he does, and the two-hour-and-16-minute time line of the movie, everything else runs pretty smoothly. Oh, except the divers’ entrance into the water.

Rescue divers drop out of a helicopter at somewhere around 30-40 feet, straight into the ocean with nothing to break their fall but their butts. Every single time a diver enters the ocean, or even the pool in training in the movie, his goggles are on top of his head. Now, I am not a rescue diver, and after watching this movie, don’t think I ever could be, but I am a scuba diver, and I know that the last place you want your goggles when jumping into the water is on your head. Especially when you are jumping into the depths of the ocean around Kodiak, Alaska. There is no physical way that a wave would not knock them right off your head. Either have them on your face and your hand over them to protect your face, or have them around your neck and put them on correctly once in the water.

Costner’s performance reaches back to the “Dances with Wolves” days. Where, even though you may not care for the content, the acting draws you in and focuses any stray energy back to where it should be. He is a solid force as a rescue swimmer, beyond the realm of believability. If you didn’t know that Costner has been a bodyguard, or a postman, or even rough and tough cowboy at the OK Corral, you might think he actually was a small town Alaskan who is married to saving people in the merciless waves and from sinking boats. And Kutcher stands beside him seamlessly, expressing a maturity in acting that you don’t see every day.

So while I may never understand how Demi could lose Bruce, I give her two thumbs up on his replacement.

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