Council decides ballot issue Wednesday night |

Council decides ballot issue Wednesday night

Tamara Miller

The council has already passed a resolution 6-1 allowing Minturn voters to determine the project’s fate. The council must pass the resolution again to place the question on the ballot. The deadline to do so is Sept. 8.The ballot question specifically asks voters if they approve the town entering into an agreement with Rocky Mountain RV Resorts to build a resort on town-owned land. A gravel pit currently occupies the parcel in question. Talks of building an RV park in Minturn have gone on for years and seemed all but dead after voters overwhelmingly elected to the council last spring the two most vocal opponents to the idea – Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty and Councilman Tom Sullivan. Nevertheless, a majority of the new Town Council found reason to keep the project alive. The council narrowly passed a resolution June 2 that allowed the town to restart negotiations with Rocky Mountain RV Resorts. The intent is to negotiate a proposal with the developer and then allow Minturn voters to decide if the park should be built. The developer supports putting the RV park on the November ballot. Even if the RV park question is placed on the ballot, and the public approves it, the project must go through the town’s normal approval processes. Ultimately the council will have to approve the project’s design before it can be built.The project at one time was estimated to cost $10 million.Tamara Miller is a staff writer for the Vail Daily. She can be reached at Colorado

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