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Counselors who care

We are counselors with Colorado West Mental Health Center, our mental health community agency, and want to urge the community to vote for 1A, the Early Childhood Development Initiative. Among the many services it can provide, the one we see as crucial is a Parent Resource Center. Many of the clients we see are parents of young children who need support with their social and emotional skills. It is imperative that parents spend time with their children at young ages building their relationships. Unfortunately, with the fast pace of our world, parents get busy and don’t realize the extreme importance of working with their children in positive ways that build self-esteem and healthy attachment. A Parent Resource Center could offer classes and support groups for all parents and children and help stop this trend of disconnected families which has led to adolescent drug use, abuse and dangerous emotional problems. No one is exempt from these possible outcomes – these problems happen in all socio-economic backgrounds. Let’s be a community that encourages strong families when the children are young. 1A costs us individually very little, less than a dollar a week and can have a tremendous impact on children and families. We encourage you to vote yes on 1A.

Julia Kozusko, Kristi Grems, and Olga Wilkins

Colorado West Mental Health Center

Hearing Dr. Bruce Perry, “World renowned expert on brain development,” last week talk about how a positive first three to five years can affect a child for the rest of their life made me realize that if we vote for 1A we could truly made a difference in our future for less than $0.95 a week. By spending as little as $48 a year we could improve the quality of life for children and families in our County and in the process lessen the achievement gap that presently exists in education.

I’ve taught children for 18 years and it is easy to see the difference in the types of experiences children have had before they come to school.

Teaching is a difficult job and the teachers in our schools do a great job trying to meet the needs of all the children in their classes. However, passing 1A would give the children who are coming to school with limited positive experiences the opportunity to have better early childhood experiences and therefore help all their classmates and future teachers be successful. For less than a dollar a week 1A can do great things for children. I encourage you to vote yes on 1A and help make a difference for all children of this valley.

Harry McQueeney, Eagle

Elementary School Teacher

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Vail Valley Foundation, I would like to thank the incredible team of individuals who came together to make the second annual Repeat Performance Designer Tag Sale a success.

Solicitors, sorters, taggers, movers and shakers extraordinaire were: Beth Runyon, Pati Martinez, Angela Schulthess, Cindy Moret-O’Keefe, Gailrose Baldwin, Debbie King Ford, Wendy Lew, Laura Coyne, Connor Penhale, Kitty Seemann, Randy Martinez, Brooks Wallace, and Jim Wallace. All of whom were indispensable in organizing this event.

Kudos and thanks to the awesome team at the VVF: Ceil Folz, Julia Foster, Arte Davies, Terry Brady, Erin Vega, Cheryl Lindstrom, Kelley Brupbacher, Jen Mason, Graham Olson, Andy Poole, Nick Rader, Janett Daniels, Chris Sena, Meredith Kennedy, Ashley Magnuson, Eve Harris, Jane Brady, Carolyn Newkirk, Anna Katrina Egger and all the item schleppers and weekend workers. Working with you all was a pleasure. Thanks for the extra hours, heavy lifting and ready smiles! The Foundation should be proud to have such a dedicated and talented staff.

My enormous thanks and appreciation goes to these amazing Vail Valley businesses: Well Heeled (those beautiful shoes and bags went fast!), W. Couture (the designer jeans and hot outfits were a big hit!), National Velvet (couldn’t have done it without those hangers!), Alpine Party Rentals (ditto the clothing racks!), Laughing Monkey (cool necklaces some of the first items to sell!), Christy Sports (loved that red jacket!), Emata (delicious Italian boots gone in 60 seconds!).

Lastly, thank you to all the incredibly generous individual donors who gave us their beautiful designer clothing, furniture and other classy cast offs. The high quality and low prices this year made for a win-win sale for all locals.

Ask anyone who came for the First Dibs Sale and Cocktail Party Friday evening: it was fantastic! Mark your calendars for next year when the third annual Repeat Performance Designer Tag Sale hits the stage at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater mid September. You won’t want to miss it.


New New Wallace

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