Counting our blessings |

Counting our blessings

Don Rogers

Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone brought up this point, although assuredly it is widely shared. You know, he observed – and he made no claim to being profound, only seeing the obvious – we who live here all are incredibly blessed. There cannot be a better place to live, aside from perhaps the cost of housing, and our “problems” are so small compared to the real ones outside our little nest.So why does there seem to be so much focus on the negativities in our lives? There is so much that is positive in our lives. Why can’t we talk more about that?Human nature, perhaps. If we don’t have a problem, well, we’re certain to make one up if need be. Mag chloride! Oh, the horror of that. Never mind the lives saved, there’s gunk on the windshield and motorists have to fill the wiper fluid tank a little more often. And the damage, the damage! Huh? Where? The prescription for these folks to live for a time in the East, where the road salt really does corrode cars, no question. And the crime here, some callers occasionally wail on about. Oh, please. Live in any city. For journalists fresh from newsrooms where the Friday night question – every Friday night – is this: Is this a B3 brief murder, a metro cover or is this a particularly interesting killing that should go A1? Crime happens here, too, but the rate is far lower than out in that real world.Well, now, how about all those drivers who can’t understand how to drive through the roundabouts. Horrors! Why there might be an occasional fender-bender as a result of these 15 mph wonders.Yes, we do have issues, and good ones, but we should at least understand – if not fully appreciate – what a great place this is to live in. We surely can stand to count our incredible blessings every now and then. Vail, Colorado

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