County: Beav’ cans uncompliant |

County: Beav’ cans uncompliant

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” Trash cans in Beaver Creek Village don’t comply with a law passed last year that seeks to curtail bear problems, a county official said Thursday.

That assertion was a change of heart from earlier in the week, when the county’s code enforcement office said the cans met the letter of the law.

“The cans are not compliant, and we are working to get them into compliance as soon as possible,” Andy Jessen, code enforcement officer for Eagle County, wrote in an e-mail Thursday.

This summer, Beaver Creek has been rife with bear problems ” including several bears breaking into homes. One “problem” bear has been killed and several others have been relocated by the Division of Wildlife.

Jessen said earlier this week he had been ensured by Beaver Creek that the trash cans were approved by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, which is a key criterion for the county’s approval.

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But on Thursday, Jessen said Beaver Creek employees were unable to provide such verification.

The Beaver Creek Resort Company has said it plans to modify its trash cans, adding a 2-inch lip that would deter bears from reaching inside. Jessen said Beaver Creek expects those changes will bring the cans into compliance.

Tony O’Rourke, executive director of the Beaver Creek Resort Co., said Wednesday that bears have ripped liners out of the cans “dozens” of times this summer to get to trash.

O’Rourke said Beaver Creek is moving to pick up trash more often so the cans won’t hold food for as long.

A law passed last year by Eagle County says trash cans must be “fully enclosed” and “a sturdy pliable lid that has a latching mechanism.”

The Beaver Creek green trash cans have domes, not lids, over the tops of the cans that allow for people to drop garbage into the cans.

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