County cuts community contributions |

County cuts community contributions

Scott N. Miller
Eagle, CO Colorado

Present: Peter Runyon, Jon Stavney, Sara Fisher.

What they talked about: Contributions to community events.

The county gave about $150,000 in 2009 to help pay events from local fireworks shows to Gypsum Daze to downvalley concerts for the Bravo! music festival. With other cuts to the county’s budget, that amount has dropped. A lot.

There’s now just $50,000 in the commissioners’ events budget for 2010.

Stavney asked if the commissioners should be in the business of helping fund events at all.

“People asked us to kick in for events over the years, and it’s evolved into a $150,000 a year commitment,” he said.

But Runyon said some events funding, especially for things that can bring visitors to the valley, could be even more important in the current economic climate.

Runyon suggested that the commissioners cut every $5,000 item down to $3,000 for 2010. That puts about $10,000 into the events account for last-minute items. The other commissioners agreed with that idea.

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