County Republicans have successful fundraiser |

County Republicans have successful fundraiser

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Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – Eagle County Republicans held their annual fundraising event, the Lincoln Day Dinner, at the Vail Golf Course’s Happy Valley Grill on Saturday June 11.

The Lincoln Day Dinner is a tradition in county Republican committees all across America. Those not familiar with the custom are often curious as to why this celebration doesn’t take place in February, closer to Lincoln’s birthday. It simply boils down to timing and availability.

Kaye Ferry, chair of the Eagle County Republican Executive Committee, says Vail’s like a lot of places – very busy in the winter, when everyone’s schedules are filled to the brim. So when things calm down, it’s time to catch up on things. And one of those things is the Lincoln Day Dinner.

“I’ve been to three this spring, ours and Pitkin and Adams counties,” she said. “I actually had three others that I couldn’t attend becauseI was out of town so I guess it’s not unusual to skip the traditional February date.”

This year’s event was a little less hectic than when it’s an election year. In the absence of candidates’ speeches, members of the state Legislature were invited to give an update on this past year’s session.

Sen. Shawn Mitchell of District 23 was both the emcee and the keynote speaker. Shawn began his remarks by apologizing for being from California, being a graduate of UC-Berkeley and mostly for being lawyer. He presented his views on the national scene and the current political climate in the state, predicting that while we have made strides, we still have a lot of work to do.

And speaking of work, Rep. Don Coram, a member of the Congressional Redistricting Committee, lamented the fact that for all the work that was done collecting public input, the decision on how lines will be drawn in this once a decade process will be turned over, again, to the courts.

In her remarks, Ferry quoted a recent article in the Weekly Standard where it was stated that that if “each party holds all of the states that lean its way, the electoral tally will be Republicans 266 and Democrats 253, with Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire in the balance. To win, a Republican will have to win one of these states, and Obama will have to sweep all three.”

And as a final speaker, Don Ytterberg, vice chair of the Colorado Republican Central Committee outlined the programs that are being delivered to local party organizations to help put systems in place for the 2012 elections. This new outreach from the Denver based executive committee meets Chairman Ryan Call’s campaign pledge to work more closely with counties throughout the state.

A new addition to this year’s event was the auction of a U.S. flag and a Colorado flag that were flown over the state Capitol on April 11, specifically in honor of Eagle County. Charlie Wick purchased the U.S. flag and Peter Mackechnie purchased the Colorado State flag.

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