County should lead by example |

County should lead by example

Debbie Buckley
Eagle County Commissioner candidate

Restoring Trust, Building Community ” Step 9

Being a responsible employer

The affordable housing issue can be broken down into two separate categories. The first category is providing affordable housing options for county and other essential government employees. The second category is working with the private sector to help them find affordable housing solutions for employees in the private sector.

Eagle County needs to be a responsible employer and show leadership in taking care of their own employees. This is not limited to housing, but also includes fair compensation in terms of salary and benefits.

During my 20 years in healthcare administration I supervised thousands of employees. I firmly believe that the most valuable asset of any organization is its employees.

In the area of housing, I would look to the model that we use for Eagle River Water and Sanitation District employees. It is a multi-pronged approach that helps different employees with different housing needs. The housing program for employees in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Eagle Valley must be tailored to tackle the different needs in these communities. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to housing.

This plan will include purchasing affordable rental units for employees, down payment assistance, equity sharing programs, master leasing rentals for seasonal workers, and working with private organizations like Funding Partners on employee ownership programs.

The County must lead by example in taking care county employees. The county also has to work working with other government entities, such as the school district in providing housing for the employees that are the heartbeat of our community.

Point 10 will address working with the private sector on affordable housing solutions.

If you missed previous points of my 10-point plan for restoring trust and building community, you can find them on my Web site at

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