County’s assistant administrator leaving town |

County’s assistant administrator leaving town

Veronica Whitney
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Eagle County Administrator Jack Ingstad says he would have to hire three people to do what Becky Gadell does now. But Eagle County will lose Gadell, its assistant county administrator, when she leaves her post for North Carolina, Nov. 1.

Gadell, 52, who before coming to Eagle County was communications director for the city of Austin, Texas., was hired in June 2002 to improve the county’s information technology systems and to work with the media and the Board of County Commissioners.

Last year, former Eagle County Assistant Administrator George Roussos left for a job in Florida.

“We will probably start a search, but it would be unlikely to again find a person like Becky,” Ingstad says. “It would be impossible to find somebody who has the managerial, technology and communication experience that she has. It’s a huge loss.”

Among other things, Gadell, who lives in Glenwood Springs, was in charge of the marketing for the winter and summer flight programs at the Eagle County Regional Airport. She also dealt with media logistics for the Kobe Bryant rape case, handling about 75 media organizations throughout the summer and fall.

“It was absolutely wonderful to be involved in the community; in developing the airport marketing and promotions and working with the local media and county staff,” Gadell says. “We have a very professional and enthusiastic staff. Especially, I loved working with the rodeo people.”

Gadell is leaving the county to work for the Research Triangle Institute, a nonprofit organization based in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., that helps governments in developing countries improve customer service and their relationship with the media and citizens.

“Becky has done a wonderful job for us in the county, she is largely responsible for a lot of technological upgrades we have done,” says County Commissioner Tom Stone. “She’s also done a great job dealing with the media in the Kobe Bryant case. I’m sorry to see her go and I wish her the best.”

Before working in Austin, Gadell worked for Research Triangle Institute in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Ghana, Rumania and Poland.

“As much as I love Eagle County and its people, I really miss working with people who are doing things that will build a better life for many generations,” Gadell says.

The Research Triangle Institute recently won the contract from the United States government to develop new local governments in Iraq.

“The tough thing when you had the perfect person is to try to fill that position again,” Ingstad says.

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