Countywide liquor sting concludes with 11 tickets |

Countywide liquor sting concludes with 11 tickets

Daily Staff Report

EAGLE COUNTY – Last week, members of five area law enforcement agencies conducted liquor law stings at bars and restaurants throughout Eagle County during one of the busiest times of year. Agents from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division, Avon Police, Minturn Police, Eagle Police and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department took part in the operation meant to prevent bars from selling liquor to the under-aged.The set-up was fairly simple. Authorities employed the help of two underage “buyers” to go into businesses and attempt to purchase a single bottle of beer. Plainclothes police officers and liquor enforcement agents entered the establishment prior to the transaction and stood where they could see what was going on. If service was denied the underage buyer due to lack of identification, they would all leave. If the underage buyer was successful in purchasing alcohol, the change and receipt would be brought out to authorities. Eleven citations were issued for the sale of alcohol to an underage person. Many of the employees admitted the mistake, but said they had been busy and had forgotten to I.D. the patrons.Car salesmanEDWARDS – Responding to an anonymous call, Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies went to the Eagle River Village trailer park in Edwards looking for a man selling car stereos from his Ford truck.When police arrived, they found the truck in question. The driver quickly pulled away. After police activated their sirens, the man pulled over. There were five people in the truck, including the driver. None of the passengers were arrested, but the driver was found to have two outstanding warrants for his arrest. The police subsequently searched the man and found a pipe and a small baggy of a white-powdery substance. The substance allegedly tested positive for cocaine. As police continued searching the car, they allegedly found three stereos. The stereos were taken as evidence, and the man was booked for unlawful use of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.Snowball snafuEDWARDS – A snowball toss resulted in the arrest of an Edwards man last weekend. A man walking through the parking lot of the Riverwalk in Edwards threw a snowball at a stop sign. However, he allegedly missed the stop sign and hit a Jeep parked nearby. The Jeep’s owner saw the whole thing happen and confronted the man. The snowball thrower, feeling threatened, allegedly shoved the Jeep owner to the ground. When Eagle County Sheriff’s officers arrived, they detected the odor of alcohol coming from both men. The snowball thrower was charged with disorderly conduct.Miscellaneous mischief– A Gypsum man called police because he allegedly saw a neighbor spit on his car, and suspected he had done it at other times. Responding officers found a car that had spit stains on the passenger side window, and on the roof. The victim said he had cleaned the spots off before; but they appeared again, this time with a smilely face drawn in the window. The man has no idea why the alleged spitter would have done this. Deputies will follow up with questions.– A routine traffic stop on Interstate 70 turned into a minor drug bust. A driver was pulled over for expired plates. However, when his information was run through dispatch, the computer showed that the man’s license was revoked for habitual traffic offenses.The officers asked the man to step from the car. When he did, they smelled marijuana. A small marijuana cigarette was allegedly found in the man’s pocket. At that point, the police brought in a drug-detecting dog. The dog alerted to a small stereo face-plate holder. Inside, police allegedly found plastic baggies, a syringe, razor blades and a spoon. The man admitted to using the items to inject drugs.He was taken into custody for expired plates, and possession of both marijuana and drug paraphernalia.Vail, Colorado

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