Couple lives full-time at new Avon condo complex |

Couple lives full-time at new Avon condo complex

NWS Ascent Condos DT 3-17-11

AVON, Colorado – The Ascent is a good-sized condo building – almost 50 units. Most days, Tim and Kim Muffley have the place pretty much to themselves.

The Muffleys recently bought a three-bedroom condo at The Ascent. That’s not unusual – business has been brisk since units went on sale late last year. But instead of making their new condo a vacation or weekend retreat, the Muffleys have decided to move in full-time.

On mornings when the snow’s good, Tim Muffley will call the front desk for a ride to and from either Vail or Beaver Creek. He and Kim can often be found at the building’s workout facilities, or hanging out with friends in the building’s big downstairs lounge.

Thursday, Muffley and a couple of friends from Edwards were taking in the first day of the NCAA tournament in the lounge, enjoying a few cold beers and takeout Chinese food while heavy snow started to build up outside.

The Muffleys have long skied East Coast resorts. After moving to Denver a couple of years ago, they bought a place at the Riverwalk in Edwards about a year ago, and had decided to spend the winter in the valley. The Muffleys liked Riverwalk, but then walked into the Ascent on a whim just before the units went on sale.

“We were just being nosey that day – we saw the sign out front and decided to check it out,” Muffley said.

The Muffleys are self-described “real estate junkies,” and walked around perhaps half of the units before sales began. When the sale date came, there were several people interested in the same unit, so the couple was picked from a drawing.

Muffley acknowleged that the price was a big draw – Ascent units went on the market for half, or less, of the prices the previous developer asked in 2008. But the mantra of “location, location, location” sealed the deal. So did the downstairs lounge.

“This is like being in a resort,” Muffley said.

While the Muffleys have had the place to themselves much of the two months or so since they moved in, about 25 buyers have closed their purchase deals, so the full-timers have had a chance to meet quite a few of their new neighbors.

Several people from Denver come up on the weekends, of course. There are also owners from Texas, New Jersey, Mexico and elsewhere.

And, at least so far, those people seem more interested in using their condos than renting them out, Muffley said.

“We have neighbors from Texas whose son attends the University of Denver – they won’t even let him come up here by himself.”

Mostly, though, the Muffleys enjoy having as much elbow room as their hearts desire.

“So far, we’re loving it,” he said.

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