Couple’s Fulford cabin is port in the wilderness |

Couple’s Fulford cabin is port in the wilderness

Connie Steiert
Eagle Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyDan and Eileen Lister relax in their cabin in the old mining town of Fulford during Eileen's lunch break from her job with the Eagle County School District's bus system.

FULFORD, Colorado ” Dan and Eileen Lister relax in their cozy Fulford cabin.

The cabin was first built by Eileen’s dad, and refurbished by the couple, with much of Dan’s handiwork in the furnishings. Their two dogs, Trucker and Ginger, stand attentively nearby.

Fulford sits along the historic 10th Mountain Division Trail and, although no one lives there year round except the Listers, many cross-country skiers and snowmobilers pass by in the winter.

But not everyone has the Listers’ years of experience managing the roads and trails.

A number of winter enthusiasts have gotten stuck or lost, perhaps striking out too late in the day, or uncertain of their route. During the past five winters, the Listers have helped search and rescue teams on several occasions. Occasionally, they’ve become a kind of defacto rescue team themselves.

“Between 7 and 8 p.m., people come knocking on our door,” Eileen says. “They get disoriented and lost.”

The Listers offer a helping hand and, not infrequently, a warm place to spend the night.

Two winters ago, a man on a snowmobile, who had previously lost his fingers and toes to a snowbound adventure, got separated from his party. The Listers found him early the next morning, after he had spent the night in the snow in 5-degree temperatures.

“We took him in and warmed him up,” she recalls.

Then there was the time a ski instructor from Alaska and his family got disoriented on the way to a 10th Mountain trail cabin, and ended up at their door. The Listers let them spend the night.

“We’ve learned a little bit how to survive up there and how to help others,” Eileen says.

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