Couples pick kids over mountains |

Couples pick kids over mountains

By Allen Best

Special to the Daily

CANMORE, Alberta ” Like most mountain resort towns, Canmore continues to get distinctly more middle-aged as housing prices rise, with single-family homes now averaging $750,000.

For younger couples, the choice comes down to whether having children means giving up having a backyard and whether family means spending less time doing the hiking and skiing that drew them to the resort the first place.

The Rocky Mountain Outlook talked to one such couple, Angeline and Joe Thiboutot, who met in 1999 and married in 2005. Deciding to start a family, the couple decamped to Joe’s native Quebec, where, for $100,000, they could buy four bedrooms and a nice yard.

They wanted the yard and bigger house, and they wanted time together, and it just didn’t seem to be in the cards in Canmore.

Since the mid-1990s, the number of people aged 14 and under has shrunk from 24 percent of the population to only 14 percent now. The reverse has happened among those aged 45 to 64, according to the Biosphere Institute.

Those aged 24 to 44 ” Gen Xers such as the Thiboutots ” remain the most populous age group, but their percentage of the population is dropping.

TELLURIDE ” Telluride decided 13 years ago to take a breather from its busy summer schedule of festivals and have a three-day Nothing Festival.

Nothing much normally goes on, although shops and restaurants are open for business.

But this year, reports The Telluride Watch, the local theater is offering movies ” for free. But these aren’t reruns. Among the showings was the new film, “Evan Almighty.”

The producer of “Evan Almighty” is Tom Shadyac, who doesn’t own a home in Telluride but who nonetheless has an unusual relationship with the Telluride community. Earlier this year, he donated the final $2 million that allowed the community to spend $50 million to preserve a large parcel of land at the town’s entry as open space

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