Court appearance for man in Pelosi hotel scare |

Court appearance for man in Pelosi hotel scare

DENVER, Colorado ” A man police say caused a security scare at the hotel of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the convention is due in court.

Joseph Calanchini of Pinedale, Wyoming, has a court appearance in Denver Monday. The 29-year-old faces a weapons charge after police arrested him at a Grand Hyatt hotel carrying a rifle-type case during the Democratic National Convention.

The scare caused a brief evacuation of the downtown Denver hotel. The case contained two hunting rifles and two pistols.

Calanchini says it was a case of bad timing and that he didn’t know the convention was going on or that Pelosi was in the hotel. Police say Calanchini did not have a concealed weapons permit and charged him with unlawful carrying of a weapon.

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