Craig seeks ‘solid plan’ for future of Minturn |

Craig seeks ‘solid plan’ for future of Minturn


The Minturn election will be April 5. The Vail Daily will be printing each candidate’s answer to a questionnaire in the following days.

There are two candidates running for one, two-year term for mayor:

Hawkeye Flaherty (Wednesday)

Matt Scherr (Wednesday)

There are five candidates running for three, four-year Town Council seats:

Terry Armistead (Thursday)

George Brodin (Thursday)

Harvey Craig (Friday)

Sidney Harrington (Friday)

Johnie Rosenfeld (Friday)

To see candidates answers, visit

Name: Harvey Craig.

Occupation: Self-employed, engineer, draftsman, construction consultant.

How long have you lived in Minturn? 20 years.

Why do you want this job? I am simply running to give the council an educated, unbiased, level-headed vote and do my part to help guide Minturn’s future as a community service.

What’s the most important issue facing the town today? I feel as though the most important issue is to develop a solid plan for the success of Minturn’s future. As far as I know, Minturn does not have one right now.

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What’s your opinion of the Crave Community Co. land swap proposal? As far as the land swap goes, I am not for it as presented. I am willing to work toward a plan that does work for Minturn’s future. Instead of sitting back and waiting for Crave to propose new options, let’s tell them what property may work and proceed from there; allow 500 houses instead of 1,700 (Minturn presently has about 500); let’s define “affordable housing” and instead of allowing 30 percent, let’s make that 70 percent; let’s give people living in Minturn for X amount of years first options to buy; if that doesn’t work for both parties, then at least we tried. We have an opportunity to work with a company that can actually afford to make something like this happen and we are at the driver’s seat. To just say “no” is the easy way out and, in my opinion, it’s a cop-out. Minturn has been riding the magic carpet of cash provided by a land annexation from years ago. I am truly afraid Minturn can go broke very quickly, and what happens then? Let’s not be told Minturn’s future, let’s forge it. Let’s maintain Minturn’s character and make it a happy and successful place for its citizens and businesses alike.

In four years, what would you like the town government to have accomplished? In four years, I’d like to see Minturn standing tall on a platform that assures its success for the future.

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