Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards unveils newest beer |

Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards unveils newest beer

EDWARDS — Crazy Mountain Brewing Company announced this week the release of its newest beer style: Neomexicanus Native Pale Ale. This beer is a tribute to the artistic expression that can be realized when a brewery and a hop farmer partner together with the common goal of achieving something new and creative. Neomexicanus Native Pale Ale is an exploration of a largely undocumented hop, native to the Southwestern United States. This ale offers a citrusy aroma with a distinct lemon lime and guava character while maintaining a moderate acidity that accentuates the delicate flavors and bouquet of this brew.

Humulus Lupulus Neomexicanus

The unique aspect of this beer is the new and experimental hop that is used, Humulus Lupulus Neomexicanus. This species of hops is completely native to the United States and is genetically different from other varieties of hops currently commercially available. Crazy Mountain partnered with CLS Farms in the Yakima growing region of Washington to brew with this unheard of hop. As of now, only Crazy Mountain and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company have experimented with the unique hop in commercial brewing. This special beer is a culmination of a five-year search by Crazy Mountain for this hop and a two-year partnership with CLS Farms getting this hop ready for cultivation. Coming in at 6 percent ABV and 46 IBU, Neomexicanus Native Pale Ale made its debut in Colorado on Friday and will be available exclusively in Colorado, Texas and California. You can try the beer in Crazy Mountain Brewery’s tap room.

“We are going to do 22-ounce bombers of Neomexicanus eventually, but for now we are just offering draft,” said Marisa Selvy, co-founder of the brewery.

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For more information on Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, call 970-926-3009 or email Drink@CrazyMountain

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