Create a vibrant downtown Eagle |

Create a vibrant downtown Eagle

John Fay
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I think it’s time to make decisions that honor the businesses on Broadway in considering a project like the Eagle River Station. Building ERS at the proposed end of Chambers would divert any and all business away from downtown Eagle and could potentially force these great local businesses into closure.

Can’t we come up with a better plan that makes downtown Eagle a shoppers’ destination with the feel and look of a smaller Breck or Frisco? How amazing would it be to extend Broadway and the downtown experience to Highway 6, thus creating a vibrant shopping center?

If we truly care about our local businesses that are currently creating the epicenter of life in Eagle, we make the right choices towards directing developments from the center out.

The sky’s the limit, and the right choices could really set Eagle up for long-term success in creating and branding what the town of Eagle is all about.

Highway 6 is currently a visual disaster and sends the wrong message to visitors. Further wrong decisions on the ERS project will make us the next Anywhere, USA. Make companies conform to the Eagle ideal and not Eagle conforming to companies’ ideals.

John Fay


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