Creating sanctuaries: Kasia Karska Design specializes in making artful, interesting spaces that serve as peaceful retreats |

Creating sanctuaries: Kasia Karska Design specializes in making artful, interesting spaces that serve as peaceful retreats

Kimberly Nicoletti
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This design project highlights the clients’ art collection.
Kasia Karska Design

For over 20 years, Kasia Karska Design has created unique residential and commercial environments throughout the world, thanks to its boutique design and build firm in Eagle. The design team’s greatest passion revolves around creating custom home sanctuaries for clients from the ground up and creating unique environments, which fit their clients’ daily lifestyle. 

When designing a home or commercial building, what is your main focus? 

Appealing to the recipient. Architecture represents the client. We start with giving the project a name, which makes it more personal — we always ask our clients to help name the project. We focus on creating a lifestyle for individuals, which reflects in space planning. 

Kasia, you have quite a diverse background, from your European upbringing and attending the Technical Institute in Warsaw, Poland, to working as a model in New York City. How do these experiences influence your approach to design and benefit your clients?

Every project is a new opportunity. I learn from every new client. I follow favorite architects and their work and look back on older work too.

Because of my diverse background, I’m able to work in multifaceted design niches with any client. I believe fashion and design go hand-in-hand: fabrics, colors, styles — they all interact with and influence each other across the industries. For example, right now, summer is seeing a surge as “rattan” season, both in fashion and
in design. (Note: Kasia studied architecture at the Technical Institute in Warsaw, but she is not a board-certified architect in the U.S. She has the background of an architect and uses an architectural consultant to draft her architectural visions.)

The core of this superbly handcrafted new 3,500 square foot home is a collection of three Polish shepherds huts, each almost 80 years old. They were reassembled by master Polish carpenters to create a thoroughly modern home in Lake Creek.
Kasia Karska Design

How do your studies in Vaastu shastra and Feng Shui influence your work?

Vaastu Shastra is an Indian philosophy that takes into account the Earth’s place in the solar system and planetary influences on the earth; different planetary imprints within the home quadrants affect different areas of one’s life. I consciously position the houses I build, being mindful of sun’s relationship with the home — for example, directionally positioning the bedroom so homeowners wake up with the sun. Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui are very involved in all aspects of my design process, whether it’s a remodel, a custom home or a commercial building. The orientation and placement within the space is emphasized based on these ancient principles. And landscaping is the final touch — the cherry on top.   

What sets you apart from other designers? 

I’m a guide, versus enforcing my own taste on the client. I like each project to reflect the homeowner rather than me. 

Kasia Karska Design believes people’s environment reflects who they are. How do you find the essential elements of homeowners or businesses and then translate those into a cohesive design? 

We find a sense of color for them and get to know their lifestyle. We find ways to reflect their lifestyle through spatial planning and respect our clients’ tastes, whether modern, traditional or somewhere in between. We look for personal items that make their home a special place that truly feels like “their home.” We incorporate Colorado’s natural beauty in our buildings and spaces, including landscaping and lot positioning. We’re also sustainability-focused. 

Capitalizing on the magnificent views outside, this home was designed in both the Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui traditions.
Kasia Karska Design

What are some of the fundamentals of transforming a home into an inspiring sanctuary? 

A balance of color therapy, personal objects of the clients, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, and combining the five elements into the design: earth, metal, wood, water and air in a cohesive way. Different clients require different color palettes, dependent on the energy I feel and the vibrations I get from each client. 

Tell us a bit about your trademark design: indoor/outdoor space. 

Because we create so many of our spaces in beautiful Colorado, we encourage people to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings whenever possible, using decks, indoor/outdoor patios and bringing the outdoors indoors with seamless and natural transitions. The transition between the home and the outside space is key.

What inspires you most about design and architecture? 

Every project is a new opportunity. I learn from every new client. I follow favorite architects and their work and look back on older work too. My favorite architects/firms are: Olson Kundig, Zaha Hadid (the organic lines in her design) and old masters, like Frank Lloyd Wright. I also seek inspiration from organic materials and nature.  

What are some of your team’s strengths? 

Flexibility, working from both our home office or meeting at our company office, and adaptability to working in different types of work environments. Over 20 years of design-build experience all around the world, giving a one-of-a-kind experience to clients with our boutique design-build firm, where they can create their own custom home, remaining present to every detail along the way. We have a very catered approach, which is unique to each client’s lifestyle. 

In this East Vail remodel, the goal was to improve the day-to-day functionality of the home. Capitalizing on the natural light was key.
Kasia Karska Design

What’s your team’s style?

We’re a small, nimble team that’s able to don many hats. Our No. 1 focus is on the client and our relationship with our client. 


Respecting everyone we work with and their position —including all subcontractors we do business with. Respect is key in our business. We are passionate about our clients’ lifestyles and creating their sanctuaries.

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