Creative senior will pursue medical career

Cindy Ramunno

It’s rare to find a girl who is creative AND science-minded. Alex Dulude is that girl. The Vail Mountain School senior transferred from Red Sandstone Elementary in the 5th grade. Now, as she approaches graduation, Dulude will spend next year beginning her pursuit of her dream ” to become a doctor. “I’m going to study pre-med at Colgate University,” says the senior. But it’s not all about the science.

Dulude was on Vail Mountain’s ski team, but performing arts is her area of expertise. At just 5 years old, Dulude began dancing and she has loved the sport ever since. “Dancing clears the mind,” smiles Dulude, who especially loves tap dance because it’s funky and different.

During her time at Vail Mountain, Dulude also performed in every play and is currently learning to play the guitar. She has enjoyed the theatre opportunities (as well as the performing arts and creative opportunities) that the school has offered her and her classmates.

Dulude is one of six girls graduating from the senior class at Vail Mountain School this spring. Her younger brother, Richard is 16 years old and also attends the school. Her advice to him for his senior year is: “Don’t slack off ” work hard the whole year.” Are you listening to your older, wiser sister, Richard?

At Vail Mountain School, seniors get the opportunity to complete a Senior Project. During the 3rd term, seniors can study an area of interest and complete a 25 page paper on the subject. Dulude chose Melanoma and its prevention. Dulude explains, “Colorado incident rates are higher due to the higher altitude.” The subject fit perfectly with her future career choice.

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Although Dulude will miss the size of the valley and the advantage of knowing everyone here, she’s looking forward to the next step. She credits her family and teachers for helping her along the way. And soon we’ll be calling her Dr. Dulude.

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