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Creativity center of new design studio

Cliff Thompson
Vail Daily/Shane MacomberThe interior designer's of Lyon Design Group, from left, Dallas Lyon, Christiane Levesque, and Alicia Davis before a grand opening party and celebration of remodled studio a new home for them at the Riverwalk Complex in Edwards

There are no better words interior designer Dallas Lyon likes to hear more than: “I trust you – go for it.”That means she’s earned the trust of her client and is free to create a living space they’ll enjoy. Lyon also created the Lyon Design Group and recently opened a new design studio in the Riverwalk in Edwards. “We help people with empty spaces and create an environment conducive to their lifestyle,” she said. One of the services her business offers is real estate staging for new and existing homes to help them sell.

“We advise clients what to do to get the best price and fastest sale,” said Lyon Design’s Alicia Davis. “We’ll even provide furnishing on a rental basis as opposed to selling the furnishings.”Lyon’s job lets what she calls her “creative streak” take over. She’s been a dancer, a painter and dabbled in architecture prior to settling on interior design. She’s now certified by the American Society of Interior Designers.”I wanted something I could be creative about. I have good ideas and I’m able to communicate with people,” she said. “We use a team concept here.”Lyon’s profession lets her tap what she calls her “creative streak” take over. It’s something she said she’s always had but interior design helped to enhance it. She’s been a dancer a painter and has dabbled in architecture prior to settling on interior design. Now she’s certified by the American Society of Interior Designers.

She went back to school at 25 and gained her degree in interior design and construction management. She has been in the interior design business for seven years, three-and-a-half of those in her own employment.Her group will even act supervise construction site to help coordinate the activities of contractors during remodeling or building new units and to make sure the interiors are what the clients want. Her group will handle residential and commercial interior design.”It’s difficult,” she said. “You have to be patient and flexible.”So far all of her business has come from referrals from real estate agents and from her customers. Her greatest satisfaction comes after a job is completed and her clients invite her to dinner in their new home, she said.

Starting her business allowed Lyon, Davis and group member Christianne Levesque, all of whom are parents, greater flexibility to juggle family and professional matters.They all agree that what they’re doing has been more fun than work and say that’s the way they want it to continue.One of the group’s largest projects to date is the remodeling of an 8,500-square-foot Arrowhead home the owners are converting from second-home use to full-time. That requires much more custom work, Lyon said.They’ve also remodeled homes in Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek and elsewhere.Cliff Thompson can be contacted via e-mail at or by calling 949-0555 ext. 450.

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