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‘Creativity is exploding’ at Gypsum school

Cindy Ramunno

GYPSUM – Bright flowers and Van Gogh-style wall paintings are decking the halls of Gypsum Creek Middle School these days. Art teacher Nicole von Tempske’s students felt the walls were too white, so after rolling out gallons of paint, they drew and painted every detail of the murals. “We are creating two wall murals right now,” says von Tempske.One mural is a flower garden, filled with bright, colorful, native Rocky Mountain flora, which students researched. The other is the more elaborate mural, which is going to depict Gypsum, Eagle Valley and the local landmarks that students also researched. Students also brought in personal pictures that will be replicated in the mural.”This has been such a fun project! Students have learned to work collaboratively on a large-scale project, learned job responsibility and most importantly, they’re having fun creating something special for their school,” von Tempske says. “Each student takes pride in his or her work and all the school’s students have been so respectful of the freshly painted walls.”In addition to the wall murals, other art students are painting their art stools. Each student was given a stool to prime and paint.Some art students are doing relief block printing, where they learn to etch away on linoleum to create a relief print.”Creativity is exploding at Gypsum Creek Middle School,” says von Tempske. She says educators can’t start t too early to developing “tomorrow’s workforce and its leaders.” “Students will need abilities beyond just technical skills,” she says. “There is a workforce demand for creative, disciplined, self-confidence, expressive people who can solve problems, communicate ideas and be sensitive to the world around them. “Hands- on participation in the arts is a proven way to help students develop these abilities,” she says. “We try and practice this everyday in the art rooms throughout our district.”Vail, Colorado

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