Crews gain control of structure fire at Sunridge Apartment in Avon on Sunday, no injuries |

Crews gain control of structure fire at Sunridge Apartment in Avon on Sunday, no injuries

Multiple crews responded to a structure fire at Sunridge Apartments in Avon on Sunday afternoon. No injuries were reported.
Eagle River Fire Protection District / Special to the Daily

As of 3:45 p.m. on Sunday, crews have a structure fire in Sunridge Apartment’s under control and are ensuring there are no more hot spots in the roof or walls, according to Eagle River Fire Protection District’s Tracy LeClair.

The fire started in a second-floor unit of Building G in Sunridge Apartments which is “heavily” damaged, LeClair said, adding that the the units above and below have some damage as well.

Crews will continue clearing hot spots before starting an investigation into the cause of the fire, LeClair said, adding it could be wrapped up today or it could take several days. Insurance investigators are a standard process with fires like this, she said.

There are no injuries and everyone was able to evacuate.

Crews responding include Eagle River Fire Protection District, Vail Fire and Emergency Services, Avon Police Department, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Eagle County Paramedic Services.

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The Salvation Army is also going to be enlisted to help with residents displaced who may need help with short-term housing.

LeClair added important safety messages to learn from fires like this: “Calling 911 is important and also pulling the fire alarm as you exit the building when you evacuate to help get everyone out.”

Crews responded after 2 p.m. on Sunday. The fire was called “out” at 3:50 p.m.

Power to the F, G and H buildings remains shut off early Sunday evening; officials were still determining Sunday at 4 p.m. if any residents would be able to return to their units.

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