Crime briefs: Mountain lion kill leads to death threat |

Crime briefs: Mountain lion kill leads to death threat

By Randy Wyrick

Eagle County sheriff’s deputies say they probably won’t find the Captains of the Intolerant All Stars, but leaving what amounts to death threats on a social media page is still a bad idea.

A local woman had enjoyed a successful mountain lion hunt – all perfectly legal and done in the parameters of Colorado’s hunting season. On Jan. 3 she posted a picture of it on her Facebook page.

Predictably and within moments, lots of people started posting messages that the woman should be killed, instead of the lion.

Because the woman has a fully developed sense of self preservation, she deleted the photo and all the comments. That makes it pretty much impossible to find the hunting haters. They called the police Jan. 4.

Here’s the other thing: the woman and her husband say that the hunting haters live in Meeker and Craig, where, if hunting is not a requirement for human habitation, it should be.


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