Crime rash sweeps Glenwood |

Crime rash sweeps Glenwood

Dennis Webb

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” Police are seeking suspects in a number of recent violent crimes in Glenwood Springs, including a shooting and a rape Friday, and an attack on a bather at the hot pots Saturday night.

The incidents are part of a flurry of activity in the last few weeks for the police department, which also is investigating a string of burglaries, took a report of a missing man last seen at the hot pots, and responded to a weekend report of an attack with a champagne bottle following a wedding reception at the Community Center.

Police Chief Terry Wilson said he is hoping for the public’s help in apprehending the man who shot another man late Friday night in the parking lot of the Oasis Restaurant in West Glenwood.

“Somebody in town is aware of the individual that we’re looking for. Somebody in town is aware who it is that did this and whether or not he is here,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he hopes anyone with that knowledge will contact police, and be cautious of the shooter in the meantime.

“Certainly someone who has gone to this point I would consider to be dangerous until they are in jail,” Wilson said.

Oscar Contreras, the brother of Oasis owner Axel Contreras, was allegedly shot with a handgun in the right leg after the shooter was refused entry into the restaurant because he was too drunk, Axel Contreras said Saturday.

Oscar Contreras was not seriously wounded in the shooting.

Among other recent Glenwood police activity:

A 23-year-old Glenwood woman was attacked by three men and raped between 1 and 2 a.m. Friday when she was walking from downtown to West Glenwood, police said.

The woman had stopped in a driveway near the Best Western Antlers on 6th Street to look for a pay phone when a car pulled into the lot and three men emerged and approached her from behind, police said.

They knocked her down and one of the men assaulted her while the other two held her down, Wilson said.

The woman described her assailants as all being Latino, police said.

One was about 5-foot-10, clean shaven, about 180 pounds and 30 years old; the second had short hair and a goatee, was 5-foot-5 and about 150 pounds, and 25 or younger; the third was about the same height and weight as the second, clean-shaven, and wore a white T-shirt and baggy jeans, police said.

“It’s a very disturbing situation,” he said. “That’s just a very unusual occurrence here and pretty bold.”

A 42-year-old Rifle man suffered several injuries to the head when he was attacked Saturday at about 8 p.m. in the hot pots on the Colorado River at the Interstate 70 interchange, police said.

Wilson said the man was soaking in the hot pots when he was surrounded by eight to 10 men.

“They came up all the sudden, surrounded him, said he was in their territory and needed to leave,” Wilson said.

When he started to get out, he was pushed or hit and tumbled down a hill, striking some rocks, Wilson said. He suffered a gash to the head, a chipped tooth and a bloody nose.

Wilson said the men were described as being Latino, with some of them wearing T-shirts and others football jerseys. He said it didn’t sound as if the attack was racially motivated.

A man upset over not being served a drink after a wedding reception Saturday night ended up getting a slug of champagne while it was still in the bottle, police said.

“It was a joyful event and apparently a gentleman was struck in the head with a champagne bottle,” Wilson said.

The incident occurred about 11:45 p.m. at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. Wilson said the reception was over and cleanup had begun when the man reportedly wanted another beer and became agitated when he couldn’t get one. He threw a bottle, then pushed Salvador Sanchez-Gonzalez, 32, of El Jebel, who allegedly responded by hitting him twice on the head, Wilson said.

Sanchez-Gonzalez was charged with second-degree assault. The victim wasn’t charged, but did need his head stitched up, Wilson said.

La Tribuna editor Luis Polar contributed to this report.

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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