Aurora man charged with felony assault, domestic violence in Avon |

Aurora man charged with felony assault, domestic violence in Avon

An Aurora man has been charged with felony assault and domestic violence after he allegedly choked his then-girlfriend in Minturn.

Jamie Quintana will appear in Eagle County court next week on charges of assault by strangulation, a class 4 felony, and misdemeanor domestic violence, according to prosecuting documents.

Quintana’s charges are from the rainy night of June 23 into the early morning hours of June 24, when he and his girlfriend were staying at the Christie Lodge in Avon after she was recently released from prison, according to police reports from that night.

They were driving near Dowd Junction on the night of June 23 when Quintana became upset with the girlfriend, accusing her of mocking him, she told police in the report. The girlfriend then tried to get out of the car at the intersection of Highway 24 and Country Road P14, but she said Quintana grabbed her hair to keep her from leaving. She eventually got out of the car and started walking towards Minturn.

Quintana followed her as she walked for about 20 to 30 minutes until she arrived at the Shop N Hop in Minturn where, according to her testimony, Quintana got out of the car and choked her.

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She recounted yelling for help until she could no longer speak.

A nearby man heard her cries and called 911, but when Eagle County sheriff’s deputies arrived, they were unable to locate Quintana or the girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend continued walking away from Quintana towards Red Cliff but eventually got back into his car, and the two returned to Christie Lodge.

Quintana then allegedly got into a verbal altercation in the Christie Lodge parking lot, and the girlfriend once again left the vehicle and walked across the street to the City Market in Avon.

Around midnight, police received a second call of a suicidal person at City Market, who they were able to identify as the girlfriend. She had allegedly told a City Market employee that she was worthless and wanted to take her own life.

With information from the girlfriend, Avon police were able to locate Quintana, who denied all the allegations made against him. Quintana was arrested in the early morning hours of June 24 but has since posted bond.

Quintana will appear before Eagle County Judge Rachel Olguin-Fresquez next Tuesday afternoon.

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